arjajyoti goswami

Sheldon Meets Sherlock by Arjyajoti Goswami

Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj were having dinner at the cheesecake factory after a tiring day at work. Today was a particularly dull day at the restaurant. Apart from the 4 of them, there...
ismita author

Shies like a bride by Ismita

Love is never simple, loving is, For, she never speaks of love, she just does, She has no constructs, no walls, no notions of right or wrong, Like an empress, who gracefully gives and seeks no glory, Loving...
Abhishek Vatsa

The Pink Stilettos – A Story by Abhishek Vatsa

The shining pink stilettos from the window started back in eyes of Shanti. She is standing in eastern India’s most happening place, Park Street in Kolkata. She sighs & convinces herself that she doesn’t...

Sketching The Characters – The Protagonist by Satyarth

‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them’ wrote the Bard of Avon. For an author, his protagonist belongs to the third category. A persona that they create...

Script Writing versus Novel Writing

As a writer who writes both screenplays and novels, I am often asked the question: which is easier to write? Most of the time I fumble for an answer and manage to say something...
Himani Agarwal

Silent Love by Himani Agarwal

A thousand words to be heard, a thousand talks to be said, As we move together in our life ahead. Yet your silence covers it all, Leaving me absolutely enthrall.   Unexpressed array of sentiments and a table of...