Maktub by Paulo Coelho Book Review Storizen Magazine

Book Review: ‘Maktub’ by Paulo Coelho

"Maktub" is a wealth of wise sayings that provide a deep understanding of life, religion, and self-discovery. Every story invites readers to reflect on the wonders of the cosmos and their position in it by acting as a vehicle for everlasting knowledge.
Woman, Eating by Claire Kohda Book Review

Book Review: ‘Woman, Eating’ by Claire Kohda

"Woman, Eating" is a captivating and provocative novel that challenges the stereotypes and conventions of vampire fiction.
Haunted Places Of India by Riksundar Banerjee Book Review

Book Review: ‘Haunted Places Of India’ by Riksundar Banerjee

Haunted Places of India is a fascinating exploration of some of India's most notorious and spooky locations.
Hauntings by Abhirup Dhar book reviews

Book Reviews: Hauntings by Abhirup Dhar

Hauntings: Stories Based on Actual Paranormal Investigations by Abhirup Dhar is a good book for people who like paranormal stories.