Damini Kane

The Sunlight Plane by Damini Kane

Book Title: The Sunlight Plane Author: Damini Kane Format: Paperback Number Of Pages: 312 Price: INR 495   Get Your Copy Now! Book Title: The title of the book ' The Sunlight Plane 'is very unique and interesting Book Cover: The cover image of the...

Book Review – Never Say Never by Anjali Kirpalani

For a bookworm there’s no better joy than getting a novel with a personal note from the author. Written by charming Anjali Kirpalani, Never Say Never is like a fresh breeze of Monsoon in...
No Matter What by Rohit Dawesar Cover (1)

Book Review: No Matter What… I Will Always Love You

Book Title: No Matter What... I Will Always Love You Author: Rohit Dawesar Format: Kindle My Thoughts: Love stories are those stories that are built like every story. They have a beginning, they have drama in it, and...

Inside the C-Suite by Jayaram Easwaran

Book Title: Inside the C-Suite: 21 Lessons from Top Management to Get Your Way in Business and in Life Author: Jayaram Easwaran Format: Paperback Book Title: The title of the book ' Inside the C-Suite: 21 Lessons from...

Book Review – The Mogul by Vish Dhamija

Book Title: The Mogul Author: Vish Dhamija Genre: Thriller/Fiction Book Title: The title ' The Mogul ' is unique and interesting. Based on the author's previous work, it's not very hard to guess that this book might be...

Book Review – Puma: A Soldier’s Dog

Book Title: Puma: A Soldier's Dog Author: Richa Kashyap Format:  Kindle Book Title: The title of the book 'Puma: A Soldier's Dog' is very interesting as the story s about a dog but with the name of an...