Book Review: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power

Book Title: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power Author: Rajiv Malhotra Format: Kindle About the book: This book, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power, by the internationally acclaimed author, Rajiv Malhotra, is about the importance and...

Life Lessons From Hazrat Nizamuddin

Book Title: One Who Serves Becomes The Master: Life Lessons From Hazrat Nizamuddin Author: Bela Upadhyay Format: Kindle About the book: Hazrat Nizamuddin is an extremely revered Sufi saint from the Indian subcontinent and the founder of the Chishti Nizami...

#METU by HCV Kumar

Book Title: #METU Author: HCV Kumar Format: Paperback About the book: #METU by HCV Kumar is a gripping and exciting book with a linear pace and no lag in the story. The Author has mixed #metoomovement and investigative...

Lotus In The Stone by Anuradha Goyal

Book Name: Lotus in the Stone - Sacred Journeys in Eternal India Author: Anuradha Goyal Format: Kindle About The Book: Click here to get your copy Now - Amazon This book by Anuradha Goyal, Lotus in the Stone -...

Book Review: 9 Timeless Nuggets

Book Title: 9 Timeless Nuggets: Essential Marketing for the Young and AmbitiousAuthor: Bharat BambawaleFormat: KindleAbout the book:Bharat Bambawale focuses on the basic and efficient marketing strategies of whichever product's manufacturing a person is into....
from-pony-to-unicorn-book-by-sanjeev-aggarwal-tn hari

Book Review: From Pony to Unicorn

Book Title: From Pony To Unicorn Author: Sanjeev Aggarwal & T.N.Hari Format: Kindle My Thoughts: This book, 'From Pony to Unicorn' describes different components of scale and the levers that founders of a company generally have with them for...