Book Review – Hungry Gods by Richa Lakhera

    Order your copy now from Amazon Book: Hungry Gods Publisher:  Rupa Publications India About The Author: Hungry Gods is Richa Lakhera’s third novel, she has previously written Item Girl, a crime novel and Garbage Beat, a satire on...

Book Review – Please Let Me Go by Caitilin Spencer

Buy Now on Amazon Book Title: The title of the ' Please Let Me Go ' is very  simple yet intriguing Book Cover: The cover image of the book is okay with a teenage girl's face. The expression...

Book Review – Kartikeya and his Battle with the Soul Stealer

Book Title: Kartikeya and His Battle with the Soul Stealer Author: Usha Narayanan Format: Paperback Genre: Mythology Fiction Book Title: The title of the book is ' Kartikeya and His Battle with the Soul Stealer ' that clearly explains...

Book Review – The Mogul by Vish Dhamija

Book Title: The Mogul Author: Vish Dhamija Genre: Thriller/Fiction Book Title: The title ' The Mogul ' is unique and interesting. Based on the author's previous work, it's not very hard to guess that this book might be...

Review – How to Create Miracles in Our Daily Life by Oswald Pereira

Review: Being a practitioner of Buddhist philosophy, I could very well relate to this book. The title itself “How to create miracles in our daily life” narrates everything. It is true with smile on...

Book Review – You are Forever in my Heart by Sanjeev Ranjan

  About The Author: Sanjeev Ranjan is the bestselling author of three books – In Course of True Love (2012), It's No Longer a Dream (2014) and Just the Way You Are (2014). In his...