Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Crafting Aphoristic Insights with Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Dr. Shashi Tharoor and Zacharias draw inspiration from renowned thinkers such as Seneca and Oscar Wilde, skillfully formulating pithy and witty observations that resonate deeply with readers.
Ramesh Karthik Nayak

I’m hoping to have Indigenous Literature in Each and Every Language – Ramesh Karthik...

Ramesh Karthik Nayak (b 1997) is a Banjara (nomadic aboriginal community in South Asia) writer from India. He writes in the Banjara dialect through the Telugu script and in Telugu and English.
Woke, Inc by Vivek Ramaswamy Book Review

Book Review: ‘Woke, Inc.’ by Vivek Ramaswamy

In "Woke, Inc.," Vivek Ramaswamy challenges us to scrutinise the blurred lines between genuine social justice efforts and corporate interests.
Black Money and Tax Havens by R. Vaidyanathan Book Review

Book Review: ‘Black Money and Tax Havens’ by R. Vaidyanathan

“Black Money and Tax Havens” is a comprehensive guide to understanding the multifaceted aspects of black money.
Rat, Rabbit, Rock by Jeena Papaadi Book Review

Book Review: ‘Rat, Rabbit, Rock!’ by Jeena R. Papaadi

"Rat, Rabbit, Rock!" is a poignant and sensitive narrative that revolves around the captivating journey of 10-year-old Meera.
Nepal From Monarchy to Republic by Lok Raj Baral Book Review

Book Review: ‘Nepal: From Monarchy to Republic’ by Lok Raj Baral

Lok Raj Baral's "Nepal: From Monarchy to Republic" delves into the nation's transition from monarchy to republic in 2008, following a decade-long civil war and popular uprising.