The Sthory of Two Wimmin Named Kalyani and Dakshayani by R. Rajasree Book Review

Book Review: ‘The Sthory of Two Wimmin Named Kalyani and Dakshayani’ by R. Rajasree

Written in easily understandable language, the novel is about women, about being raised to name an alien place home, relationships that become lifelines, and everything in between.
Andamanush Nicobarese by Partha Sarthi Sen Sharma Book Review

Book Review: ‘Andamanush Nicobarese’ by Partha Sarthi Sen Sharma

Andamanush Nicobarese, written by IAS officer Partha Sarathi Sen Sharma and released by Rupa Publications, is based on the author's time spent as an observer in the distant islands for the 2019 Parliamentary elections.
India in the Age of Ideas by Sanjeev Sanyal Book Review

Book Review: ‘India in the Age of Ideas’ by Sanjeev Sanyal

"India in the Age of Ideas: Select Writings 2006-2018" is a captivating and thought-provoking book that provides readers with valuable perspectives on India's past, present, and future.

Reimagining Sufism With Soul Rivals

'Soul Rivals' by Nadem Farooq Paracha is a very new book to me because of many reasons. Though familiar with some information about Muslims, this book has surprised me with so much new information.

A for Prayagraj by Udbhav Agarwal

In this book A for Prayagraj, debut writer Udbhav gives an account of the then city Allahabad and now Prayagaraj! A for Prayagraj brings forth the city through a memory ride.
The Whistling Schoolboy by Ruskin Bond Book Review

Book Review: ‘The Whistling Schoolboy’ by Ruskin Bond

"The Whistling Schoolboy" is a delightful anthology of short stories penned by the renowned author Ruskin Bond.