Azadi by Chaman Nahal Book Review

Book Review: ‘Azadi’ by Chaman Nahal

Chaman Nahal's “Azadi” depicts a tragic incident in 1947, immediately after India's independence, which is remembered as a red letter day.
The Collector by Daniel Silva Book Review

Book Review: ‘The Collector’ by Daniel Silva

"The Collector" is a testament to Daniel Silva's ability to deliver engaging and compelling novels consistently. With timely themes, dynamic characters, and intricate plotting, this installment showcases Silva's continued evolution as a storyteller.
Wheres the Moolah by Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh Book Review

Book Review: ‘Where’s the Moolah?’ by Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh

"Where's the Moolah? Financial Growth Hacking for Business Profitability" offers an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to elevate their financial trajectories.
Who Cares about Parliament by Derek OBrien Book Review

Book Review: ‘Who Cares about Parliament’ by Derek O’Brien

"Who Cares about Parliament" by Derek O'Brien, a politician, quizmaster, and Rajya Sabha member from West Bengal, critiques how the Indian Parliament has been undermined and disrespected in the last decade by the ruling party and its allies.
Unchain My Heart by Sharika Esther Sharma Book Review

Book Review: ‘Unchain My Heart’ by Sharika Esther Sharma

"Unchain My Heart" stands as a beacon, offering readers a fresh perspective on the journeys of Indian women in a modern and ever-changing world.
Rocketing Through the Skies by G. Madhavan Nair Book Review

Book Review: ‘Rocketing Through the Skies’ by G. Madhavan Nair

Grab a copy of "Rocketing Through the Skies" and embark on a journey that will ignite your imagination and leave you in awe of the wonders of space exploration.