Blockbuster Biographer: Satyarth Nayak

We love and have always loved the first Bollywood female superstar Sridevi. Who would not love her? " It has been a blissful experience to write a book about my screen idol. I had...

Reading Is A Wonderful Activity—It Opens Up Our Worlds & Our Lives | Chitra...

1.       How did the journey from working on Odd Jobs like babysitting, store clerk etc.turn towards writing? Was it a passion? I think immigration made me into a writer. It opened up so many experiences...
Kiran Manral on her book All Those Who Wander

Exploring the Depths of Imagination with Kiran Manral

In this interview, she discusses her inspiration for the book, her writing process, and the message she hopes readers will take away.

A Thriller Writer at Heart – Kanchana Banerjee

After writing a successful first thriller, A Forgotten Affair, Kanchana Banerjee has another feather in her cap with her new release Nobody's Child. A Thriller Writer at heart, how Kanchana ventured into writing and how...

Storizen Magazine April 2019 – Protagonist Vs. Antagonist

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Just Keep Buying by Nick Maggiulli

In Conversation with Nick Maggiulli, Author: Just Keep Buying

People struggle in almost all aspects of their lives with exceptions of course. The primary area they struggle with the most in their lives is finances. You may have heard some rags to riches...