MIGHTY FOODS Featured Image

Mighty Foods: Understanding How We Are Witnessing A Massive Change In Diets

‘I’m on a ketogenic diet’. ‘I eat non-veg but not red meat’. ‘I am vegetarian but I eat eggs’. We all may have heard these sentences at some point in our lives over meals....
Benefits of Vitamin D

Top 7 Benefits of Vitamin D: Boost your Physical and Mental Health

Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin is an essential vitamin that we all are lacking. In fact, the biggest pandemic I believe is Vitamin D deficiency. Classified under the fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin D is actually...
Benefits of Lemon Water

Top 7 Benefits of Lemon Water: Boost Your Immunity and Overall Health

Lemon water is a popular home remedy for a variety of health issues and has been used for ages in general wellness as well. Adding lemon to your water can have tremendous advantages for...
Fish I Love To Gorge In

Fish: I Love To Gorge In

As I get the smell ofA delicious dishI run to the kitchenTo get indulged in the aromaOf the lip-smacking food of fish. The smell of fried or grilled fishMakes me crazyThe thick curry of fishWhich...
Book Review Heal With Foods Improve Your Gut Health (1)

Book Review: Heal With Foods | Improve Your Gut Health

Book Title: Heal with Foods: Magical Ingredients that Will Change Your Life Author: Manjari Chandra Format: Kindle Published By: Rupa Publications ASIN & Edition: B09RF1PPSL & 1st Genre: Non-fiction No.of pages: 256 Rating: 3/5 About the Book: Heal with Foods puts the focus...
The ayurvedic kitchen book

Book Review: The Ayurvedic Kitchen | Learn the Ayurveda Way of Living

To help make Ayurveda an integral part of your life, Sonal Chowdhary and Dr Asghar have put together a host of nutritious and wholesome recipes that take into account Ayurvedic principles and Ayurvedic diet even as they incorporate modern influences, international cuisines and global ingredients.