The ayurvedic kitchen book

Book Review: The Ayurvedic Kitchen | Learn the Ayurveda Way of Living

To help make Ayurveda an integral part of your life, Sonal Chowdhary and Dr Asghar have put together a host of nutritious and wholesome recipes that take into account Ayurvedic principles and Ayurvedic diet even as they incorporate modern influences, international cuisines and global ingredients.

7 Foods to Lose Weight Effectively (My Picks)

Weight loss has been a struggle for many people for decades. The idea of being physically active, following certain diets (Keto, Paleo, etc.), doing intermittent fasting has been tried by many. Some succeed, some...
Book Review Heal With Foods Improve Your Gut Health (1)

Book Review: Heal With Foods | Improve Your Gut Health

Book Title: Heal with Foods: Magical Ingredients that Will Change Your Life Author: Manjari Chandra Format: Kindle Published By: Rupa Publications ASIN & Edition: B09RF1PPSL & 1st Genre: Non-fiction No.of pages: 256 Rating: 3/5 About the Book: Heal with Foods puts the focus...
MIGHTY FOODS Featured Image

Mighty Foods: Understanding How We Are Witnessing A Massive Change In Diets

‘I’m on a ketogenic diet’. ‘I eat non-veg but not red meat’. ‘I am vegetarian but I eat eggs’. We all may have heard these sentences at some point in our lives over meals....
Food A Delectable Form of Expression

Food: A Delectable Form of Expression

Food is an expression, a strong adhesive for binding families, a great excuse for forging bonds, and a symbolic identity of a culture. Food holds an auspicious position in our lives and through the...
Fish I Love To Gorge In

Fish: I Love To Gorge In

As I get the smell ofA delicious dishI run to the kitchenTo get indulged in the aromaOf the lip-smacking food of fish. The smell of fried or grilled fishMakes me crazyThe thick curry of fishWhich...