You Are What You WATCH!

We think as parents that we have that wisdom to decide what our kids should or should “not” watch on TV. Because we are “adults” and we know what can be good or bad...

The Baggage of Guilt

Fortunate people are those who have food, shelter, and good health in the present day. The increasing rate of corona patients has made the government take the drastic step of lockdown. Everything was going...
Woman Overthinking sitting in a car

The Whirlpool of Overthinking

Overthinking is exhausting as thoughts run circles around your mind repeatedly and you are stuck in the same whirlpool that either fades off or prolongs the choices & commitments of your life both professionally & personally.
weight loss tips

5 Most Effective Ways to Lose Weight

People struggle with weight loss. Even after trying too hard, they feel that they are not doing enough to lose that stubborn fat from their body. If you search for weight loss tips on Google,...

How Corona has Impacted Your Life and Some Tips to Curb it

‘Covid-19’ or commonly termed as ‘Corona’, a viral pandemic that dragged everyone’s personal and professional life totally into a new regime since March 2020. No one in the whole world was spared. In India,...

How to Keep your Mental Health Strong

The brain is the driver of our whole body, every function that our body performs is the outcome of the nerves that carry the information from the brain to every part of the body....