Benefits of Vitamin D

Top 7 Benefits of Vitamin D: Boost your Physical and Mental Health

Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin is an essential vitamin that we all are lacking. In fact, the biggest pandemic I believe is Vitamin D deficiency. Classified under the fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin D is actually...
Understanding Women's Health Issues in India

Understanding Women’s Health Issues in India

Women comprise 48% of the Indian population and yet they are highly neglected. In this article we discuss Women's Health Issues in India. They face many issues like malnutrition lack of maternal health, breast,...
Woman Overthinking sitting in a car

The Whirlpool of Overthinking

Overthinking is exhausting as thoughts run circles around your mind repeatedly and you are stuck in the same whirlpool that either fades off or prolongs the choices & commitments of your life both professionally & personally.
weight loss tips

5 Most Effective Ways to Lose Weight

People struggle with weight loss. Even after trying too hard, they feel that they are not doing enough to lose that stubborn fat from their body. If you search for weight loss tips on Google,...
Benefits of Lemon Water

Top 7 Benefits of Lemon Water: Boost Your Immunity and Overall Health

Lemon water is a popular home remedy for a variety of health issues and has been used for ages in general wellness as well. Adding lemon to your water can have tremendous advantages for...
Book Review Heal With Foods Improve Your Gut Health (1)

Book Review: Heal With Foods | Improve Your Gut Health

Book Title: Heal with Foods: Magical Ingredients that Will Change Your Life Author: Manjari Chandra Format: Kindle Published By: Rupa Publications ASIN & Edition: B09RF1PPSL & 1st Genre: Non-fiction No.of pages: 256 Rating: 3/5 About the Book: Heal with Foods puts the focus...