how writing helps your brain

How Writing Helps Your Brain

Writing has been a very old way of decluttering the mind. Even now, writing is done to help in effective communication. Earlier, people used to write with pen and paper. Now, with the advent...
5 best ways to Write Nonfiction to keep your Readers Hooked (1)

5 best ways to Write Nonfiction to keep your Readers Hooked

You have got something to share and you plan to write a nonfiction book to share your experiences and thoughts with people around the world but you get stuck on how to write one?
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7 Amazing Ways of Creating a Great Suspense Story

Suspense is a genre that is gaining a lot of popularity. People love reading suspense. The Goosebumps, racy heart, being curious all the time, writing the perfect suspense story that is a page-turner is...

The Ultimate Face Switch – Hero or Villain?

Building a story plot is can be a daunting task for some writers but excitement for others! While reading the works of one of my favorite authors Sidney Sheldon, I was just lost in...

Point of View with Examples

Have you read a book and wondered from whose eyes you have been walking through? Point of View will tell you who is the narrator and his or her relationship with the characters in...
Literary Devices

Beyond Words: The Role of Literary Devices in Conveying Meaning

Literary devices are techniques or tools that writers use to enhance their writing and communicate their message to readers. These devices help writers create vivid imagery, emphasize key points, and add depth to their works.