tips to overcome writer's block

10 Effective Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

We all have it! A writer, whether he's writing or not, encounter writer's block at some point in their writing journey. Not sure what writer's block is? Writer's block is something that hinders you to...
Literary Devices

Beyond Words: The Role of Literary Devices in Conveying Meaning

Literary devices are techniques or tools that writers use to enhance their writing and communicate their message to readers. These devices help writers create vivid imagery, emphasize key points, and add depth to their works.
role of plot in a narrative by madhulika ra chauhan

Role of Plot in a Narrative

In literature, the term plot is used to describe the events that make up a story or the main part of a story. These events relate to each other in a pattern or a...
5 Different Types of Writing Styles To Write Better (1)

5 Different Types of Writing Styles To Write Better

As a writer, one always tells a story in some way or the other. Everybody writes in their lifespan with their own unique type of writing style. Be it in business, in a job,...
Stationary vs Stationery Confused Words

Stationary vs Stationery: Confused Words

The English language includes many confusing words, right? Today we we will discuss confused words pair - stationary vs stationery.

Point of View with Examples

Have you read a book and wondered from whose eyes you have been walking through? Point of View will tell you who is the narrator and his or her relationship with the characters in...