Editorial Calendar 2023

This year, we plan to be more creative and present you with the editorial calendar for 2023 along with the issue themes. We will be sharing below a brief about what we would be covering this year and welcome all ideas on the same.

January/February 2023

Theme – Exploring yourself as a Writer and a Reader

Writing seems easy for some of you and for others; it can be the most difficult task. With the losing attention spans of humans, they are spending less time reading. In these two months, we would be featuring the factors that may be an obstacle or a blessing to you while writing or reading, etc. Topics such as writer’s block, the psychology behind procrastinating while writing your book, etc will be covered.

+Short Story/Flash Fiction Theme – Humor (January)/February (Romance)

++Magazine Theme – Beating the Winter Blues (January)/Remembering Unrequited Love (February)

March/April 2023

Theme – Exploring Different Writing Forms and Types

Some love to write poetry, some like to write short stories, and others – Novels. We would be exploring different forms and types of writing that writers explore while writing. Knowing different forms such as Flash fiction writing, novel writing, novellas, anthologies, etc. can help you a lot as you begin or are stuck in your writing journey.

+Short Story/Flash Fiction Theme – March (Murder Mystery)/April (Psychological Thriller)

++Magazine Theme – Different Colors of Life (March)/Revelations (April)

May/June 2023

Theme – Exploring the Role of Technology in Writing

AI is replacing today’s content. With a lot of platforms available to write your content using AI and the future of the writing as well as the reading world, technology is really transforming the writing world. Apart from AI, there are several tools that writers use to complete their assignments and write bestsellers. The months of May and June will be dedicated to covering the role of technology in the writing world.

+Short Story/Flash Fiction Theme – May (Historical Fiction)/June (Magical Realism/Mystic)

++Magazine Theme – Nature and You (May)/Taking care of Yourself (June) 

July/August 2023

Theme – Exploring Travel Writing

Ronaldo said, “I’ve learned a lot in life, traveling, living abroad, just in the school of life.” Traveling is an experience. The months of July and August will be dedicated to travel writing. We would be covering travelogues, interviewing travel writers, and much more!

+Short Story/Flash Fiction Theme – Fantasy (July)/ Patriotism (August)

++Magazine Theme – Sailing through Life (July)/Improving your Nation (August)

September/October 2023

Theme – Exploring Non-Fiction Writing

Nonfiction writing has been seeing an increasing trend for the past few years and it continues to see an upwards trend in the near future. A lot of books have also been made available through audiobooks as well. In the months of September/October, we will deep dive into valuable insights about writing nonfiction & what it takes to be a bestseller in it!  

+Short Story/Flash Fiction Theme – Travel Stories (September)/ Horror (October)

++Magazine Theme – Shedding Off the Older You (September)/Your Darker Side Revealed (October)

November/December –

Theme – Exploring Multiple Genres in Fiction Writing

While writing a novel, you must have come across a scenario when there is a mystery in romance or horror in romance! There are multiple genres involved while writing fiction. At the end of the year, we will be exploring multiple genres of fiction writing.

+Short Story/Flash Fiction Theme – Sci-fi (November)/Drama (December)

++Magazine Theme – Unleashing your inner child (November)/Achieving the Unachievable (December)

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