Compared to the past, you too can have a beautiful future like me


I was in a state of obesity during my not so confident teenage. I never thought in my life that I will be able to do something compared to what I am doing right now. I have always been doubting my potential and capabilities. But the turning point of my life made me realize that I am missing the important part of it i.e. Self-Love.

At that time when I stood in front of the mirror and accepted the fact “This is I am and I know the fact what I can do to change myself from yesterday to today. All I need to make the best version of myself differentiating not with anybody but with my body who I used to be”.

stuti gogia

It has been said by many thinkers that once you take up the charge and decide to move forward leaving all the sadness and darkness behind. You will be the brightness of dawn.

Workout and clean eating became an integral part of my life. I started looking at videos on self-improvement and appreciating what looks good on me contrasting whatnot.

I researched on improving skin, the best ways to look more confident and charming. I did a lot of hard work each day and that just not made me look better but also made me feel better. There were indeed phases in my life since last 10 years suffering from ups and downs but I took assurance that if I ever go back to those initial stages either being sad or with the extra pound. I will redetermine to check the checklist and start with equal zeal.

stuti gogia

No one is born beautiful but when we decide what we want to enhance and carve what we already have that is what makes us best. It has been a great journey till yet. Starting from the outlook of pointless to multifarious as an IT Professional in an MNC and also an Author, Blogger, Fitness Enthusiast, and Social Media Influencer.

I truly want to become a person who can motivate people around the environment through writings and transformation journeys.

“Loving yourself is an art, paint yourself beautiful each day.”

– Stuti Gogia

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