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‘I’m on a ketogenic diet’. ‘I eat non-veg but not red meat’. ‘I am vegetarian but I eat eggs’. We all may have heard these sentences at some point in our lives over meals. To me, the way people around us converse about food reveals a lot about consumer diets in general. According to me, the way we eat and what we eat are noticeably changing and it only goes to show that it’s because our diets are evolving.

Ketogenic, paleo, flexitarian… these, and more are the labels given to some of the diets we’re catching sight of in the food space, and there are certainly several more to come. Only time will tell, but it sure seems like we’ll all be witnessing many more changes in our diets in the coming years.

Diets Are Constantly Transitioning


It should come as no surprise when I mention that today’s consumers are looking for foods that offer dietary solutions now more than ever. This is because people are monitoring and paying close attention to what they eat. Superfoods, high-protein products, and functional foods are all becoming extremely attractive to consumers. The idea of consuming organic food and drink is another change that many consumers have begun to embrace.

I foresee that consumers are going to continue questioning what to incorporate into their diets. With new diet labels cropping up, it’s becoming more and more evident that consumers are trying to eat healthier. And MIGHTY FOODS also wants in on the bandwagon to make consumers eat better and tastier, and live healthier.

I believe there are several factors driving us to all eat healthily. The most apparent factor is the global pandemic. Many consumers are also beginning to worry about their gut health. ITC’s survey reveals that nearly 56% of Indian families deal with digestive health issues. Nowadays, many consumers also consciously maintain healthy heart diets which is a style of eating to prevent heart disease. Mindful eating is another approach to eating that I’ve seen many in the industry become familiar with. In its essence, it is about being aware of what we consume and how it can affect our moods, emotions, and overall well-being.

There’s also the notion of ‘abs are made in the kitchen, an approach that denotes that you can’t build abs just by lifting weights but also by making dietary changes in the kitchen. All these concepts, whether new or old, getting repackaged under new labels show that consumer plans to eat healthily are truly at an all-time high! With MIGHTY FOODS, our brand is very much in sync with providing all kinds of diet health, happiness, and strength in a tasty way.

Fiber And Protein: Most In-Demand Nutrients In Diets

Plant Prawns in Thai Curry
Plant Prawns in Thai Curry

Among many sources of nutrients, fiber and protein are the two placed on the pedestal by many consumers, and rightly so. Consumers are on the lookout for foods that are high in fiber and protein. Besides fiber and protein, Vitamin D, calcium, antioxidants, omega-3s, and probiotics are other nutrients being sought by consumers on a journey to eating healthy. Individuals on paths to eating healthy also shift to olive, canola, coconut, or flaxseed oils instead of oils high in trans fat.

I’m super glad to know that more and more of us are becoming aware of the importance of protein in our daily diets. I am also of the same belief that protein fuels us and keeps our bodies running like a well-oiled machine. Because it truly can do that! This is also why protein is the hero ingredient in every flavor-packed item on the MIGHTY FOODS menu as well.

Rise In Including Locally-Sourced Produce In Diets

Many consumers are also looking to incorporate fresh, locally grown foods with no artificial ingredients and preservatives into their food. It is true that a vast majority actively look at labels and commit to buying non-GMO and antibiotic-free foods. This is probably why we’re all seeing many brands cropping up in your superstore that offer farm-fresh, organic milk, fruits, and vegetables.

Without a doubt, ‘farm fresh’ and ‘seasonal local produce’ definitely sell! This is also partly because consumers want to buy environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced foods, now more than ever. In my opinion, a food brand’s ability to address a consumer’s sustainability issues is essential in today’s time.

The Mediterranean, Paleo, Gluten-Free Diet

Turkish Seekh Kebab
Turkish Seekh Kebab

When we speak of diets, the Mediterranean, paleo, and gluten-free are most spoken of. Each of these diets is different from the other in some ways but also shares quite a few similarities.

There are regimens to be followed for each. For instance, in a Mediterranean diet, you consume fewer meats and dairy, and your meals should be rich in vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, and fish.

When it comes to a paleo diet, you stick to consuming foods that were obtained through the hunting and gathering methods eons ago. Legumes and grains form a huge part of such diets.

In a gluten-free diet, you avoid foods containing rye, wheat, and barley. Food intolerances and allergies are also pretty common now with gluten being among the top allergy-causing foods influencing gluten-free diets.

Overall in my eyes, these diets reveal a growing interest in the uniqueness of healthy foods and ingredients. Another reason could be that consumers are opting to maintain such diets to also gain energy that ultimately helps them live a more active lifestyle. These diets could very well pave the way for a surge in more superfoods that improve nutrient intake and offer a boost in mental energy.

Final Thoughts

Mighty Foods Logo

We are witnessing dozens of massive changes in the way we eat today and it sure seems like consumers are opting to buy foods and beverages that have healthy ingredients. This is a cue for restaurant operators, food brands, and everyone tied to the food industry to bring healthy menus to the forefront. While doing so, don’t forget to also nail the taste factor because taste and the flavor chemistry will always be the criteria for consumers to feel they’ve eaten well. With my venture MIGHTY FOODS, we’ve put immense effort into infusing flavor and taste in every recipe so you’re eating healthy, guilt-free!

About Dibyendu Bindal, Founder & CEO – Mighty Foods:

Dibyendu Bindal

With a repertoire of over a decade of experience, he has had the distinct privilege of facilitating and assisting in the launch of several food ventures, and famous restaurants across India and the world. 

His latest food venture is MIGHTY FOODS, a new-age packaged food business that caters to the young but engrossed individuals to help them meet their daily protein requirements. Even though he comes from a family of hard-core vegetarians, he chose to be non-vegetarian to understand and analyze the meat culture and cuisines. He enjoyed navigating through trends and choices in plant-based meat products while conceptualizing MIGHTY FOODS. He was able to work towards addressing the gap in the fast plant protein sector and bring about notable changes in the field of diet. You can follow Dibyendu on :

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