Richest is one who has Life

My experience with the Covid-19 Pandemic!

After seeing above picture you would be wondering why this has been put here, and what is the relevance of showing it. But before answering that I hope everyone would know what is shown here. This picture represents the 8th element of Periodic table of chemical elements, which is “Oxygen”. That element in Earth’s atmosphere which has made the survival of Human beings possible on this Planet. Though it is not the only thing that is needed for Humans to survive, but it is one of the most paramount element that inputs life in human body. Now coming to the point that what is the point behind sharing the information of this life saving element. See below some more pictures which can answer this question.

Image source –

These all pictures are self-explanatory to describe the importance of 8th element of periodic table.

As we all know that India is going through the second wave of Covid-19, which is more deadly than the previous one. Many of us have already lost some of the near and dear ones, while some of our loved ones are still fighting with this disease. The chief reason behind making this second wave more deadly is the lack of ‘Oxygen’. That Oxygen which constitutes 21% of our Earth’s atmosphere and is freely available in the atmosphere for us as Plants to release it, a microscopic Virus caused the shortfall of that element inside our body and made us all realize the significance of it. Also, this has made us realize that no matter how rich you are, how beautiful you are, how educated you are, how highly respected you are, and how much high social status you hold, if your soul is no more connected to your body, then all these external attributes don’t hold any value for you.

If you have clean water to drink, pure air to breathe, good food to eat, and a shelter to protect you, then you are the richest and happiest person in World.

The whole turmoil that is going on around us has aroused a big thought in my mind that “Mortality is the only truth”.

Shedding more light on it…

Some golden lines from Shri Guru Granth Sahib –

Freed, the crane perches on the river bank, playing joyfully.
While it is playing, a hawk suddenly pounces upon it.
When the Hawk of God attacks, playful sport is forgotten.
God does what is not expected or even not foreseen'.

These lines depict the inevitability of Death for everyone born on this planet. Nobody knows the time of death, but only God knows it. Some die in infancy while others die in old age. Death does not consider time, age, or place. Sometimes it occurs due to unexpected causes. It is good that we do not know the time of our death. Had we known it, our progress would have stopped.

We all spend our whole life running behind worldly pleasures which all won’t make sense one day. In spite of having everything that is enough for survival, our greed to get more and more never ends. Everyone is running in some kind of Rat race, allowing fear, greediness, insanity, sadness, dissatisfaction, and other negativities to conquer our minds and heart. And this rat race is going out of comparison just to make oneself richer, more educated, and earn more prestigious social status than others. People have made themselves slave of all these exterior attributes, and have attached their source of happiness and survival in society to all these only. This has made them mentally and emotionally drained too, ultimately leading to declining in physical health.

We have forgotten that source of the real happiness doesn’t lie outside, it lies within you. It doesn’t mean that one should not be ambitious, but in process of achieving your goals do not become impatient and insensitive. And don’t forget that – even if you fell down initially if oxygen is still pumping in your lungs, courage is there in your heart and will is live in your mind, you still can climb up the ladder. But also remember that your goals should not be a reason for someone else’s despair, at least not intentionally.


In the end I would simply like to say that –

If you have Life, you have everything

This pandemic has taught us the most valuable lesson that if you are alive and your loved ones are with you, only then rest all things hold meaning in life. Otherwise, they have no value. Also, through this article, I would like to urge every reader that please contribute some part of your life in saving mother Nature and enhancing Flora, so that our upcoming generations on this planet won’t have to face the scarcity of life-saving elements.

What has been your experience during this pandemic? Send in your story to and we will share it with our readers!

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