You Are What You WATCH!

How the content we consume is influencing us.

We think as parents that we have that wisdom to decide what our kids should or should “not” watch on TV. Because we are “adults” and we know what can be good or bad for them, we know which content can have an impact on their brain development – how these online content on Netflix, Hotstar, Prime can leave an impression on their innocent minds.

But have we ever considered– what kind of content should “WE” watch? What can be “good” or “bad” for us? Subconsciously, we really don’t know how the kind of content we see is actually influencing us! Believe it or not – it changes our behavior, our language, our attitude, in fact, it changes our perspective to see relationships. Many research studies support this theory. Trust me, when I started watching “SUITS” I started using its slang and even the legal language too.



Let me share my experience which made me realize that how it subconsciously changed me – Whenever I used to read about news of brutal murder – it used to disturb me but now I have seen far more violence and gore in “Game of throne”, “ASUR”,” MIRZAPUR” that now when I read about any brutal killing in the newspaper it has become a normal thing for me. Seeing so much violence on television has desensitized me.

Undoubtedly, Watching television is fun, There’s no denial to it. The entertainment industry makes billions of money by producing television programs that delight and entertain us. Whether it’s a funny comedy, an action-packed crime drama, a sporting event, or a musical reality show, television programs offer a little something for everyone. But we must choose our content wisely!

A good movie will entertain, educate, and inspire the viewer in many ways. I remember, after watching “Uri” I have seen the proud feeling of being Indian in the audience’s eyes and how can anyone forget “How’s the Josh!” “HIGH SIR!” A great tribute to the Indian Army! It arose patriotism.

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On the other hand, I have seen many series where it’s shown that the best tip to heal a bad break-up is to go out and have sex with a hot stranger in a bar! Really! That’s how you will get healed?

The idea of having fun is go and get drunk and do something CRAZY!

 “NO STINGS ATTACHED Relationships”, “Friends with Benefits”, “Casual Sex” is the new idea of having a cool lifestyle. Some enjoy it and move on by changing partners and some hurt themselves emotionally which not only shakes their confidence for lifetime but it leaves a deep wound that reflects in their personality and behavior like trust issues.

The more we see such content the more we feel that this is how the society works – the new normal!

I don’t know whether it is “Cool/Not Cool” but there are many other ways to make your life more happening!


Movies/Series has always been the biggest influencer not only in this time but historically too. Leaders such as Adolf Hitler successfully used films as propaganda tools during World War II. Movies shape culture, teach us history, can create awareness on multiple aspects of life. When I sawRoadies – Season I, I so wanted to become a “Roadie”. When I watched “Homeland”, “Baby”, “The Family Man” – I compared my career with their reel characters and thought I’m caught up in a boring job I should be “Jack Bauer” of “24”, “Shivani Roy” of “Mardani”. So Yes! Movies or Series influence our career choices if not career then definitely the kind of attitude that one carries in their respective job.

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There is a huge database of inspiring, educational, fictional, emotional, comedy content out there – It has the power to change the mindset of people. It’s up to us what mindset we want to choose. It’s okay to change your taste in clothes but do not change “YOURSELF” by following online content.

Do you watch what you are watching? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Vineeta Kathuria is a project manager in a Robotics Automation Enterprise and is an imaginative and vivid observer who loves to keep an eye out for stories she feels are hidden all around her and then write them down. She is an accomplished Toastmaster, a dedicated marathon runner, when she is not reading and writing, she plays badminton, cycling plays with her dog, and spends time with family and friends. The thoughts and sentiments poured down in this article are purely based on her personal experience.