Love Horoscope: Love Messages for your Zodiac Sign for October 2022


It’s October 2022 and as we are always in search of Love, we did a tarot card reading using the Romance Angel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue for all the zodiac signs and we present you with the love horoscope and love messages for your zodiac sign for October 2022.

These are general guidance so may not resonate with all.

Aries: Let Your Friends Help You

let your friends help you romance angels oracle cards

Aries, if your relationship having struggles or challenges this month, ask for your friends to support, and help you.

Taurus: Calling in your Soulmate

calling your soulmate oracle card

Taurus, this month if you are single and looking for a soulmate, your prayers, affirmations, and visualization will help you to be together

Gemini: Release Your EX

release your ex oracle card

Gemini, this month you need to cut your cords with your ex and release the energy to move forward.

Cancer: Getting to Know Each Other

getting to know each other oracle card

This month cancer you need to sit with your partner, talk to each other, Understand each other, and deepen your bond.

Leo: Keep an Open Mind

keep an open mind oracle card

Leo this month if you are single, don’t keep any expectations as the qualities of your partner as may differ, and you will feel disheartened so keep an open mind while searching.

Virgo: Give your Relationship a Chance


Virgo this month you need to have an open conversation with your life partner and work on your partnership. You both look good together so sort out your differences

Libra: Retreat

retreat romance oracle card

This month, you need to take a break and go out for a vacation with your partner without any mobile phone and disconnect from the world to give each other time and understand each other.

Scorpio: Past Life Relationship

past life relationship oracle card

Scorpio you and your partner are destined to be together as you both are connected from the past. So, it will be a good relationship.

Sagittarius: Let go of Control Issues

let go of control issues oracle card

Sagittarians this month don’t try to control the circumstances or issues faced in a relationship. Just let the situation unfold naturally.

Capricorn: Honeymoon

honeymoon romance oracle card

Capricorns, it’s time to enjoy your relationship and spend quality time together. Go for a vacation and enjoy a romantic date.

Aquarius: Pay Attention to the Red Flags

pay attention to red flags oracle card

This card is to be cautious in a relationship as this might not be a healthy relationship and your partner is playing with your emotions so stay alert.

Pisces: Forgiving and Learning

forgiving and learning romance angels oracle cards

This card indicates you need to forgive your ex-partner who had troubled you and learn from the mistake and move on happily for a new journey.

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