Love Horoscope: Love Messages for your Zodiac Sign for September 2022


It’s September 2022 and as we are always in search of Love, we did a tarot card reading using the Romance Angel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue for all the zodiac signs and we present you with the love horoscope and love messages for your zodiac sign for September 2022.

These are general guidance so may not resonate with all.

Aries: Let your Friends Help You

let your friends help you oracle card
Let Your Friends Help You Oracle Card

Aries, if your relationship is having struggles or challenges this month, ask for your friends to support, and help you.

Taurus: Wedding

wedding oracle card
Wedding Oracle Card

Taurus, this month if you are single, you might get someone in your life who will be in a committed relationship and there is a wedding in your chart.

Gemini: True Love

true love oracle card
True Love Oracle Card

Gemini, you and your partner are made for each other. It is the romance of a lifetime. Enjoy each other’s company and stay blessed and happy. Have a romantic date together and enjoy each other’s company.

Cancer: Very Soon

Just be positive about this month cancer, as the card indicates you will get what you want in life in terms of relationships.

very soon oracle card
Very Soon Oracle Card

Leo: Reconciliation

Leo, this month your past relationship will return to your life again and I can see close intimacy between both.

reconciliation oracle card
Reconciliation Oracle Card

Virgo: Chemistry

Chemistry Oracle Card

Virgo, this month both you and your partner will have strong magnetic chemistry and a strong attraction. So, enjoy the moment.

Libra: Healing Family Issues

healing family issues oracle card
Healing Family Issues Oracle Card

This month, you need to forgive your parents who had caused trouble in your relationship because then only the universe’s blessings will be with you, and it will help you to mend your relationship.

Scorpio: Make the Effort

Make the Effort Oracle Card
Make the Effort Oracle Card

Scorpio your relationship is worth your efforts. Both look good together so just take steps to improve your relationship.

Sagittarius: New Love

New Love Oracle Card
New Love Oracle Card

Sagittarius, if you are single or if you had a breakup recently then be happy, this month you will get new love in your life which will create a romantic feeling for both of you.

Capricorn: Free Yourself

free yourself oracle card
Free Yourself Oracle Card

Capricorn, it’s time to free yourself from all the past baggage and take control of your life this month so that it open’s the gate for a new relationship.

Aquarius: Getting to Know Each Other

getting to know each other oracle card
Getting to Know Each Other

This card is indicating openness in your relationship, Aquarius. Understand each other, and speak your heart out which will help you to deepen your bond with your partner.

Pisces: Give your Relationship a Chance

Give your Relationship a Chance

This card indicates you need to give your relationship another chance. Work on your partnership. Talk to each other and have open communication to sort out differences.

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