Monthly Horoscope: April 2023


Do you know what the universe has planned for you this month? We bring you Monthly Horoscope: April 2023, to know what the guardian angels are trying to tell you through the tarot cards reading so that you can make planned and informed decisions this month.

These are based on the Moon Sign. This is for general guidance.

Aries: The Lovers

the-lovers tarot card
The Lovers

This month is good for Aries who are single as they will meet their potential partner and spend a romantic time together. If your relationship is struggling, it’s a good month to have healthy communication with your partner and sort out differences.

Taurus: Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune
Wheel of Fortune

This month, Taurus, It’s a month for good luck and good fortune. The wheel of life is always turning. If you were facing challenges last month, this is the time when you will receive success. It encourages you to be optimistic and have faith.

Gemini: Ace of Wands

ace of wands tarot card
Ace of Wands

This month, Gemini you might receive opportunities that you were passionate about or were dreaming since a long. It also encourages you to follow your heart and have a clear vision to fulfil your goals.

Cancer: 10 of Wands

10 of wands tarot card
10 of Wands

This month, Cancer you will be taking all the responsibilities on your shoulder alone which might create a burden or stress in your life. It’s advisable to delegate your responsibilities to your team members which will reduce your stress.

Leo: 3 of Wands

3 of wands tarot card
3 of Wands

This month, Leo, you might be exploring new ways to expand your business. It indicates travelling to different places. Also, still you need to wait for your hard work to be appreciated. It is the time to think big and try to take adequate action to fulfil it. This month you are also aware of the challenges but ready to face them.

Virgo: 6 of Pentacles

6 of pentacles tarot card
6 of Pentacles

This month, Virgo, you are advised to give to charity or donate something to people who are in need. It also indicates financial success. Also, some might be taking help from their colleagues in their project or giving help to someone who requires your support.

Libra: The Chariot

the chariot tarot card
The Chariot

This month, Libra you are determined and courageous to fulfil your goals. You have strong willpower to achieve your dream. It indicates focused on your work and are ready to face any challenges in life.

Scorpio: The Fool

the fool tarot card
The Fool

This month, Scorpio it’s time to take risks based on your faith in the Universe. It’s time for a new beginning at the same time don’t take impulsive decisions, with proper research go ahead with your new start.

Sagittarius: 6 of Wands

6 of wands tarot card
6 of Wands

This month, Sagittarians, your hard work will be appreciated by your boss and you will be rewarded for your success. It is the month of victory and promotion or salary increment.

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Capricorn: Death

death tarot card

This month, Capricorns you will see unexpected changes in your life which are necessary for your growth. It can be a new project which is required for your growth or someone who was searching for a job, you will get unexpected job opportunities. It’s also time to change your old pattern and start fresh.

Aquarius: 9 of Swords

9 of swords tarot card
9 of Swords

This month, Aquarians, you are overthinking about your failure too much and your mind is working 10 times more which is causing anxiety or sleepless nights. It shows you are having too much fear or worry about the situation which is in your mind. Just remove the negative thoughts and be optimistic.

Pisces: Knight of Swords

knight of swords tarot card
Knight of Swords

This month, Pisces you are very logical and focused on your work. You are very ambitious and action-oriented towards your dreams and moving ahead to fulfil them.

Thank you, Hope you resonate with these guidances and plan your month.

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