Monthly Horoscope: Love Messages for your Zodiac Sign for April 2022


It’s April 2022 and as we are always in search of Love, we did tarot card reading using the Romance Angel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue for all the zodiac signs and we present you with the love messages for your zodiac signs.

These are general guidance so may not resonate with all.

Aries: Heart to Heart Conversations

Heart to Heart Conversations
Heart to Heart Conversations

It is the time to honestly discuss your feelings with each other. Don’t hide your feelings. It is a good time to express your emotions.

Taurus: Let go of Control Issues

Let go of Control Issues romance oracle cards
Let go of Control Issues

Don’t control any issues in the relationship. It will be solved automatically. If you try to change as per your own desires, it will make you more frustrated and depressed. Let Universe handle the issue as per their blessings.

Gemini: Passion

Passion romance oracle cards

Just have passion in your love life. Enjoy each other’s company and allow your heart to sing with Joy.

Cancer: Worth Waiting For

Worth Waiting For romance oracle cards
Worth Waiting For

It is worth waiting for the best moments in your love life. Divine blessings are with you. It is the right time to get your love life.

Leo: Trust

Trust romance angels oracle cards

If you are facing any relationship issue, trust each other and have faith. This is a temporary phase, and it will be going to solve.

Virgo: Retreat

Retreat romance oracle cards

If you are facing any issues in your love life or relationship, just give each other space and try to disconnect from the world, and think peacefully about the next step.

Libra: Give Your Relationship a Chance

Give Your Relationship a Chance romance oracle cards
Give Your Relationship a Chance

This relationship is worth spending time and energy on. Work on your bonding and Partnership and give it a chance.

Scorpio: Finances and Career

Finances and Career romance oracle cards
Finances and Career

Love messages for this month indicate that the financial issues are creating troubles in your relationship. So just support your partner in this tough situation.

Sagittarius: This Could Be The One

This Could Be The One romance oracle cards
This Could Be The One

Sagittarians this is the right romantic partner or relationship which you have met and seeking for a long. Go ahead and express your feelings.

Capricorn: Flirt

flirt romance oracle cards

If you are single, it’s the time to flirt and enjoy the Lighthearted moments together. Extend your energies and have fun together.

Aquarius: Pay Attention to the Red Flags

Pay Attention to the Red Flags romance oracle cards
Pay Attention to the Red Flags

This card is indicating dishonesty or disrespect in a relationship. Be cautious, don’t express your emotions openly. Also, seek a counselor for advice in an unhealthy relationship.

Pisces: Reconciliation

Reconciliation romance oracle cards

The love message for this month indicates that someone from the past will be back in your life and it is time to sort out your differences and reunite again.

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