Monthly Horoscope: March 2022


Do you know what’s the universe has planned for you this month? Do check out our Monthly Horoscope: March 2022 to know what the guardian angels are trying to tell you so that you can make planned and informed decisions this month.

These are based on the Moon Sign. These are general guidance.

Aries Moon Sign: 6 of Pentacles

6 of pentacles tarot card
6 of Pentacles

This month is the time for being Kind to everyone and helping others in your workplace or anyone who is in need. You also might be doing some charity this month. It also indicates financial gains.

Taurus Moon Sign: 9 of Pentacles

9 of Pentacles

This month, you will be enjoying the financial abundance that you have created by working hard. It is the time to enjoy financial gains, Luxury. Also, you might be in a leadership position and enjoying yourself as an Independent and self-confident person.

Gemini Moon Sign:  3 of Cups

3 of cups tarot card
3 of Cups

This month, Gemini you will be enjoying and celebrating your success with your friends. It is the month of party and joy. Some might receive promotions and salary hikes. So, enjoy every moment in life.

Cancer Moon Sign: Page of Wands

page of wands tarot card
Page of Wands

This month, you are passionate and ambitious to work towards your goals and dreams. You have lots of ideas in your mind and you are ready to implement your ideas. You have that spark to gain knowledge and work towards your goals.

Leo Moon Sign: High Priestess

High Priestess

This Month, you must listen to your heart for making any decisions. It is the time to gain spiritual knowledge. Don’t take an impulsive decision. Just think deeply and then take a decision. You are the best guide for any decision. Trust yourself.

Virgo Moon Sign: 2 of Pentacles

2 of pentacles tarot card
2 of Pentacles

In March 2022, you might be juggling between your personal and Professional life. You must maintain a balance between both. Don’t do multitasking. Make a Priority checklist and work accordingly. This month, Time Management is very essential for Virgo. Also do manage your finances.

Libra Moon Sign: Queen of Wands

queen of wands tarot card
Queen of Wands

This month, you will be building your network for future purposes. Also, you might be socializing with your friends. Also, some might be courageous and determined to work towards their goals. You have lots of ideas floating in your mind and you are optimistic enough to share your ideas.

Scorpio Moon Sign: 5 of Pentacles

five of pentacles tarot card
5 of Pentacles

This month, you might be fear of losing your finances or struggling with your finances. Some might be facing disappointments on their career front. Also, some might be feeling lonely or isolated. Just keep yourself calm and composed; things will soon be fine. It is the time to focus on manifesting positive things rather than cribbing for things that you don’t have.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: The Hermit

The Hermit

This month, it is not the time to take any impulsive decision. It is time to take a break from everything and just look deep within yourself and find out the solution. It is the time to go for soul searching and meditate. Some might be working independently on projects without any help.

Capricorn Moon Sign: 5 of Swords

5 of Swords

This month, stay away from any arguments as your opinions will be different and to win, you might speak certain words which may hurt others and you might feel guilty. Once spoken words cannot be taken back. So just listen patiently and move away from the arguments. It also suggests that even if you fail learn from the failure and move on.

Aquarius Moon Sign: The Fool

the fool tarot card
The Fool

This month. Is it the month of new beginnings and challenges and you are ready to take risks based on your faith in the Universe? It is time to move ahead with your ideas and goals. But don’t take any impulsive decision as there are chances to fall. So with proper research move ahead towards your dream.

Pisces Moon Sign: Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune
Wheel of Fortune

In March 2022, you will have good fortune and financial abundance.  Our life is based on the Wheel of Karma. Sometimes it is struggling, sometimes it is normal and sometimes it is a success. So, we must enjoy every part of life. Have faith in the Universe.

Thank you, Hope you resonate with these guidances and plan your month of March 2022.

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