Monthly Love Horoscope: July 2022


It’s July 2022 and as we are always in search of Love, we did tarot card reading using the Romance Angel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue for all the zodiac signs and we present you with the love messages for your zodiac signs.

These are general guidance so may not resonate with all.

Aries: Give Your Relationship A Chance


Aries, if your relationship has struggles or challenges this month, just give your partnership a chance. Communicate with each other, and work on your partnership.

Taurus: Chemistry


Taurus, there is a strong attraction between you and your partner. You are made for each other and have strong chemistry. Just have a good time together.

Gemini: True Love

true love oracle card

Gemini, You, and your partner is made for each other. It is the romance of a lifetime. Enjoy each other’s company and stay blessed and happy. Have a romantic date together and enjoy each other’s company.

Cancer: Calling your Soulmate

calling your soulmate oracle card

Just be positive and affirm your soulmate. Your prayers and your imagination and visualization will be surely brought you both together. Believe in your prayers and the Universe.

Leo: Past-Life Relationship

past life relationships romance angels oracle cards

Leo you and your partner know each other from a past life. Just go for it and spend time together. Destiny had given you second chance so go for it and be together.

Virgo: Trust


If your relationship is struggling just trust each other and have faith. The situation which you both are facing this month requires trust and understanding, and belief in the Universe.

Libra: Make the Effort

make the effort romance angels oracle cards

This relationship is worth your efforts.  Just go ahead with the necessary steps to reach your love life. Both are meant to be together.

Scorpio: Very Soon

very soon romance angels oracle cards

Scorpioclearly decides what you want in life and your relationship. If you manifest, it will soon come to you. Just need to be clear in your thoughts.

Sagittarius: Keep an Open Mind

keep an open mind romance angels oracle card

Sagittarians your soulmate might be different from your nature or what you have thought for. But opposite attracts and in a relationship, one should not keep any expectations. Just be open in terms of your choice and go ahead.

Capricorn: Romantic Feelings

romantic feelings romance angels oracle cards

Capricorns, your feelings are real, and it is worth exploring. Both look good together. Just spend quality time together and enjoy each other’s company.

Aquarius: Separation

separation romance angels oracle cards

This card is an indication of separation on the horizon. If your relationship is struggling Aquarians, it’s time to move out of the relationship. Don’t suffer.

Pisces: Stay Optimistic About your Love life

stay optimistic about your love life romance angels card

This card indicates having faith in your partner and being optimistic. You will surely have a romantic life together. Just keep on having positive thinking about your partner.

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