Weekly Horoscope: 14 to 20 August 2022


Do you know what the universe has planned for you this week? Do check out the weekly horoscope for your zodiac sign for the week of 14 to 20 August 2022 to know what the guardian angels are trying to tell you so that you can make planned and informed decisions this week.

These are based on the Moon Sign. This is for general guidance.

Aries Moon Sign: King of Swords

king of swords tarot card
King of Swords

This week Aries, you will be logical and Intellectual in taking any decisions in your life. You will be focused on your goals. Some might take advice from you on certain matters.

Taurus Moon Sign: 3 of Cups

3 of Cups tarot card
3 of Cups

This week Taurus, you will be celebrating your success with your friends and enjoying your time. It also indicates some might take support from their friends or colleagues on certain projects.

Gemini Moon Sign: 5 of Cups

5 of cups
5 of Cups

This week Gemini, you might be facing disappoints or rejection in your life which might cause you depression or sadness. Sometimes, Universe had different plans for us. Don’t feel depressed, it’s a face in life which will soon be over. Just move on.

Cancer Moon Sign: 4 of Pentacles

4-of-pentacles tarot card
4 of Pentacles

This week Cancerians, you will be hiding your emotions and unable to express them to your loved ones. It might cause trouble in your life so better to express it. Also, some might be holding their finances and worried about the long-term future. Cancerians you need to maintain a balance. Enjoy as well as save for the future. It also indicates possessiveness which might cause you trouble. So give space to your partner.

Weekly Horoscope: 14 to 20 August 2022

Leo Moon Sign: Page of Pentacles

page of pentacles
Page of Pentacles

This week Leo, you might receive a new financial opportunity that will help you to grow. It also indicates an investment opportunity. This is the Initial stage of your project which needs proper planning for success.

Virgo Moon Sign: 7 of Pentacles

seven of pentacles tarot card
7 of Pentacles

This week Virgo, you might be planning for the long-term future. Investing in some good savings plan. Also, some might be frustrated as things are not moving ahead. Just have patience and continue to do your hard work, things will give results.

Libra Moon Sign: The Lovers

the-lovers tarot card
The Lovers

This week Libra, you will be having a soulful and beautiful relationship with your partner. You will spend a romantic date with your partner. If your relationship is struggling, this is the best week for communicating with your partner and sorting out your differences. In the workplace, you will be working on your values and have a creative approach to your work.

Scorpio Moon Sign: 9 of Wands

9 of wands tarot card
9 of Wands

This week Scorpio, you might be facing challenges in your workplace. People trying to pull you down. Don’t give up, continue doing your hard work to reach your goals. Also, some might be still thinking of the past wounds which are not letting you move ahead. Just forget the past and move on in life.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

Now, this week Sagittarians you might get opportunities that require a logical and intellectual approach. Also, some might get mental clarity on certain decisions which got stuck last week. It also indicates surgery for some so just take care of your health.

Capricorn Moon Sign: Ace of Wands

ace of wands tarot card
Ace of Wands

This week, you will get new opportunities that help you to follow your heart and passion. Your new ideas are forcing you to move ahead on a new path. Some might want to enroll themselves in a new journey where they can grow personally.

Aquarius Moon Sign: Justice

Justice Tarot Card

This week Aquarians, if you seek justice, it will be served in your favor. It also indicates justice from the Universe for your deeds. If you want to make any decisions in life, the Justice card indicates to think before making any decisions as it will impact your life. It also indicates marriage.

Pisces Moon Sign: The Fool

the fool tarot card
The Fool

This week Pisces, you are ready to take any risk in life for your goals based on a Leap of faith in the Universe. It also indicates a new beginning and new opportunity in life. Just have fun and enjoy life without any worries. But also, be careful of falling.

Thank you, hope you resonate with the guidance and plan your week as per the weekly horoscope from 14 to 20 August 2022.

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