Weekly Horoscope, 16 to 22 January 2022


Do you know what’s the universe has planned for you this week? Do check out our Weekly Horoscope, 16 to 22 January 2022 to know what the guardian angels are trying to tell you so that you can make planned and informed decisions this week.

These are based on the Moon Sign. These are General guidance.

Aries Moon Sign: Queen of Cups

queen of cups tarot card
Queen of Cups

This week, Aries you will be more compassionate towards your colleagues and loved ones. You will also be more intuitive and take decisions based on your heart. This week, Singles might open their feelings openly.

Taurus Moon Sign: Two of Cups

two of cups
Two of Cups

This week, Singles might get the soulmate of their dreams. Some might enjoy romance and love this week. Some might work in a partnership based on mutual relationship and trust.

Gemini Moon Sign: 5 of Pentacles

five of pentacles tarot card
Five of Pentacles

This week, Gemini you might be feeling lonely, Depressed, things are not going as you wish to be. Some might fear financial losses. Also, your mindset is not positive. You are thinking of things that you are lacking in your life instead of focusing on your progress.

Cancer Moon Sign: The Emperor

the emperor tarot card
The Emperor

This week, you will have a clear vision to fulfill your goals. Some might be in a leadership position where you will be guiding your team to lead the path of Victory.

Leo Moon Sign: The World

the world tarot card
The World

The weekly horoscope, 16 to 22 January 2022 for Leos says that you are celebrating the success of completing one of your dream goals. Some might be getting appreciation for the project that is completed this week. People in a relationship had decided to get married. Also, some might have travel plans this week.

Virgo Moon Sign: 10 of Wands

10 of wands tarot card
10 of Wands

This week is the week of too much burden and responsibility on your head that is causing you stress and anxiety. Some might have a heavier workload without getting time for a break. Virgo it is time to delegate responsibilities to your team as well. Strategize and prioritize certain work based on its importance.

Libra Moon Sign: 4 of Wands

four of wands tarot card
Four of Wands

This week, you all will be celebrating your success with your Family and Friends. Some might receive promotions or salary hikes and they are enjoying their celebration. Some might purchase a new house and do a housewarming party. People in a relationship might get engaged or married.

Scorpio Moon Sign: The Hermit

The Hermit

This week is the week for staying alone in a calm place and thinking about certain decisions. It is the time for soul searching or introspection. Look within yourself to get the solutions to your problems. Some might be working independently.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: Ace of Cups

ace of cups tarot card
Ace of Cups

The weekly horoscope, 16 to 22 January 2022 for those born in the Sagittarius moon sign is the week for a new relationship for singles. It is the time to open your heart and enjoy the beauty of love. Some might receive new career opportunities that you were waiting or dreaming for and will have an emotional fulfillment week.

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Capricorn Moon Sign: Page of Wands

page of wands tarot card
Page of Wands

The weekly horoscope, 16 to 22 January 2022 for Capricorns says that you will have new opportunities based on your dreams and goals. Some might be learning new things in their workplace. You are full of inspiration and energy to work towards your new possibilities. It is the week for new adventures and learning.

Aquarius Moon Sign: 7 of Wands

seven of wands tarot card
Seven of Wands

This week. You might face challenges or criticism, but you are on your ground and have the courage to fight for yourself. People might try to pull you down in your workplace, but you have that spirit to fight for it.

Pisces Moon Sign: King of Wands

king of wands
King of Wands

This week, you have a clear vision and determination to reach your goals. You know how to pan your ideas for long-term success. You are a leader who can guide your team to the path of success and victory.

Thank you, Hope you resonate with these guidances and plan your week from 16th to 22nd January 2022.

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