Weekly Horoscope: 2 to 8 October 2022


Do you know what the universe has planned for you this week? Do check out the Weekly Horoscope: 2 to 8 October 2022 to know what the guardian angels are trying to tell you so that you can make planned and informed decisions this week.

These are based on the Moon Sign. This is for general guidance.

Aries Moon Sign: The Magician

The Magician

This week, Aries you have all the power to manifest success in life. Universe blessings are with you. Just be optimistic and have a clear vision to fulfill your dreams.

Taurus Moon Sign: 5 of Swords

5 of Swords

This week, Taurus you need to keep silent and don’t share your opinions in your workplace. As there might be an argument due to difference of opinion which might cause troubles. Sometimes, to win we try to speak words that we may regret in the end. So better to stay silent and share our opinion later.

Gemini Moon Sign:  The High Priestess

The High Priestess

This week Gemini you need to listen to your intuitive abilities to get the right solution for any challenges you face during the week. It is the time to seek guidance from your own subconscious mind and look within your soul for answers.

Cancer Moon Sign: 4 of Cups

4 of Cups

This week, Cancerians you are not ready to change your job as the opportunities coming your way are not of your interest. Just meditate and see what interests you or what you want in life. Also, some might be getting bored with the routine work and feeling discontent. Just check with your superior to change your project.

Leo Moon Sign:  9 of Swords

9 of swords tarot card
9 of Swords

This week, Leo, your mind is working 10 times more and you are overthinking too much. You have a fear of losing something and it is causing you sleepless nights and anxiety. Just relax your mind and think positively. Don’t let your mind master your thoughts but let your thoughts master your mind.

Virgo Moon Sign: Queen of Wands

queen of wands tarot card
Queen of Wands

Virgo this week, you are very focused, ambitious, and passionate about your goals and ready to fulfill them with a clear vision in mind. Some might be building a network circle by going to parties and socializing.

Libra Moon Sign: The Tower

the tower tarot card
The Tower

This week, Libra You might be facing a sudden unexpected change in your life that might tear you apart, but this change is important to make you grow strong. Some might face job loss or relationships might come to an end. It also indicates a sudden organizational change which is necessary for your growth in the office.

Scorpio Moon Sign:  Justice

Justice Tarot Card

This week, Scorpio you will get justice for your deeds from the Universe.  If you have done good deeds, you will be rewarded otherwise you will face punishment. It also indicates, to be fair in your decisions. Also, for some, if you are seeking justice rest assured, it will be in your favor.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: Queen of Cups

queen of cups tarot card
Queen of Cups

This week, Sagittarius. You will be very creative in your work. It also indicates emotional and caring towards your loved ones. Also, Some might be taking important decisions by listening to their heart. It is a good week for healers and counselors as they will be helping lots of people through their compassion and care.   

Capricorn Moon Sign: Knight of Wands

knight of wands
Knight of Wands

This week, Capricorns, you have a clear vision and ideas for your goals, and you are determined and passionate about fulfilling your goals. You are working very hard to achieve it.

Aquarius Moon Sign: 5 of Pentacles

five of pentacles tarot card
5 of Pentacles

This week, Aquarians, you might be feeling lonely and isolated and facing financial challenges in life. It is advised to seek help from the close one. Don’t just sit and weep. If you are looking for a job, it is not the right time for a career change.

Pisces Moon Sign: 3 of Cups

3 of cups
3 of Cups

This week Pisces you will be enjoying and celebrating your success with your friends. It also indicates party time with your friends. Some might be getting support from their friends in their workplace.

Thank you, hope you resonate with the guidance and plan your week as per the weekly horoscope from 2 to 8 October 2022.

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