Weekly Horoscope: 23 to 29 June 2024

Welcome to your Weekly Horoscope for June 23 to 29, 2024. As we transition into this new week, the celestial movements offer a unique blend of challenges and opportunities for each zodiac sign. Whether you’re striving to achieve ambitious goals, dealing with unexpected endings, or finding new love, the stars have a message for you. From Aries’ bold determination to Pisces’ commendable teamwork, every sign is set to navigate their paths with celestial guidance. Dive into your horoscope to discover what the universe has in store for you this week and how you can make the most of its influences.

These are based on the Moon Sign. These are general guidance.

Aries Moon Sign: Queen of Wands

queen of wands tarot card
Queen of Wands

This week Aries, you are very courageous and determined to fulfill your dreams. You have a life purpose, and you are very ambitious to complete your purpose despite any challenges and adversity. You are very bold and passionate about your dreams.

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Taurus Moon Sign: The Magician

The Magician

Taurus, this week you have all the desired skills and abilities to fulfill your goals and to be successful in life. The universe is blessing you with happiness. Just use your intellect and willpower to make things happen.

Gemini Moon Sign: 10 of Swords

10 of Swords

This week Gemini, you might be facing painful or unexpected endings in your life. It can be an end to your current project or an end to a relationship. You are grieving this painful situation. But trust me after a painful ending, a new beginning starts. It also indicates back pain just stay healthy.

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Cancer Moon Sign: The Hierophant

the-hierophant tarot card
The Hierophant

Cancer, this week you might be attending the Baptism ceremony of a friend’s kids. Also, it’s a good week for applying for a government job or Teaching Job. Also, some might need a counselor or a mentor who would provide a perfect solution to their problem. If you are single, this indicates Marriage.

Leo Moon Sign: 4 of Swords

4 of swords
4 of Swords

This week Leo, you need to go with the flow. Don’t rush things. It indicates, go for a vacation or take a break from your work and meditate to get the right solution. This is not the right week to take any decision. It is the time to stay calm.

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Virgo Moon Sign: The Chariot

the chariot tarot card
The Chariot

This week Virgo, you are focused and determined to fulfil your dream goals despite challenges or obstacles in your way. You are very confident and have a strong willpower to achieve your goals.

Libra Moon Sign: 8 of Wands

8 of wands tarot card
8 of Wands

This week Libra, go with the flow as good news is coming your way. Consider it as divine timing as things will be in your favor. Also, some might be having busy schedule running on their toes to complete their target deadline. It also indicates travel for work.

Scorpio Moon Sign: 9 of Wands

9 of wands tarot card
9 of Wands

This week Scorpio, your energies are drained as you are fighting a battle in your workplace to guard your position and fulfill your dreams. People are trying to pull you down and you are feeling low not to go ahead. Don’t lose hope as you are close to achieving your goals. Just set your boundaries and continue to move forward. You will surely be successful.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: 5 of Cups

5 of cups

This week Sagittarius, you are feeling sad or regretful as things are not moving as per your expectations and you are facing disappointment. Just focus on how things went wrong and learn from it and move on. Don’t hold past grudges or past mistakes. It is not the right time for a job change as you might face rejection.

Capricorn Moon Sign: Knight of Wands

knight of wands
Knight of Wands

This week Capricorn, things are going to be better, and you are determined and passionate about your goals and it will be successful. It is the time to act and make your ideas fruitful. It is the time to step out of your comfort zone and pursue your passion.

Aquarius Moon Sign: Ace of Cups

ace of cups tarot card
Ace of Cups

This week Aquarius, it’s the week of a new beginning of love, if you are single. Also, it indicates a joyful and emotional experience of spending time with your loved ones. If your relationship is struggling, this card indicates a harmonious and loving relationship. Just have open communication with your partner.

Pisces Moon Sign: 3 of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles

This week Pisces, your hard work, dedication, and commitment will not be going to be unnoticed, and you will soon see the result. It also indicates Teamwork in your workplace for completing the project. It also indicates Learning new skills.