Weekly Horoscope: 26th June to 2nd July 2022


Do you know what the universe has planned for you this week? Do check out the weekly horoscope for your zodiac sign for the week of 26th June to 2nd July 2022 to know what the guardian angels are trying to tell you so that you can make planned and informed decisions this week.

These are based on the Moon Sign. This is for general guidance.

Aries Moon Sign: The Devil

the-devil tarot card
The Devil

This week Aries, you are caught up with emotional blockages which you are unable to come out of. You feel trapped in certain situations which seem to be good but in long run, it will affect you. So just relax and with a calm mind try to find the way to come out of it.

Taurus Moon Sign: The Emperor

the emperor tarot card
The Emperor

This week Taurus, you will be working in a leadership role, as an authoritative figure who will be helping his colleagues reach their targets. You are ambitious and have a clear approach toward your goals.

Gemini Moon Sign: 3 of Cups

3 of cups tarot card
3 of Cups

This week Gemini, you will be enjoying your success and promotion with your friends. It’s party time. Also, some might be getting support from their colleagues or friends to reach their goals. You all are enjoying each moment with your friends.

Cancer Moon Sign: The Star

the star tarot card
The Star

This week Cancerians, you are hopeful and have faith in the universe that things will be in your favor. You will achieve your goals and your dreams will be fulfilled with the blessings of the universe.

Leo Moon Sign: Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

This week Leo, you will get the mental clarity on certain decisions which were stuck last week. Also, some might get the intellectual opportunity that you all were waiting for. Also, some might be going for surgery.

Virgo Moon Sign: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

This week Virgo, you have to be patient and just pause for some time on certain situations as it is the time to reflect and think about what needs to be done and go with the flow. Don’t take any impulsive decisions. The universe will do when the right time will come.

Libra Moon Sign: Page of Swords

page of swords
Page of Swords

This week Libra, you are very curious to learn new things and like to gain knowledge on certain things that excites you. Also, some might be having new ideas to start the project. But be careful about your ideas, without proper planning don’t start any project.

Scorpio Moon Sign:  7 of Wands

seven of wands tarot card
7 of Wands

This week Scorpio, you are facing lots of competition in your workplace and people are trying to pull you down. Don’t lose hope and continue to defend yourself and be grounded. It is a fact, that when you reach your goals, people try to pull you down. You need to fight continuously to main your position.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: King of Wands

king of wands
King of Wands

This week Sagittarians, you have a clear vision of your goals and are ambitious to reach them. You are a leader, with the help of your colleagues and team you will reach your goals.

Capricorn Moon Sign: Queen of Swords

queen of swords tarot card
Queen of Swords

This week Capricorn, you are an independent person working towards your goals. You are unbiased in taking any decisions this week and have mental clarity about certain matters. You are intelligent and can easily solve any problems.

Aquarius Moon Sign: 10 of Swords

10 of Swords

This week, Aquarians, you just be aware of back pain. Consult a doctor if you are having back issues. Also, some might be feeling disappointed in losing certain projects or feeling rock bottom where nothing seems to be working out. For those who are struggling in a relationship, is the time to move on. This is the end of the phase, just relax and wait for the new beginning.

Pisces Moon Sign: Death

death tarot card

This week, Pisces, you will be having sudden and unexpected changes in your life. Some might receive unexpected news of new job opportunities or some might be leaving an unhealthy relationship and moving on in life. This card also tells us that, some might leave their old patterns or weakness and implement new changes in their life.

Thank you, hope you resonate with the guidance and plan your week as per the weekly horoscope from 26th June to 2nd July 2022.

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