Weekly Horoscope: 28th April to 4th May 2024

Do you know what the universe has planned for you this week? Check out the weekly horoscope for moon signs for 28th April to 4th May 2024 to understand what the guardian angels are trying to tell you so you can make planned and informed decisions this week.

Aries Moon Sign: 10 of Cups

10 of Cups

This week Aries, It’s a happy family card. You will be spending time with your family and having an emotional and joyful experience together. If you are single this card indicates marriage. Your family is sharing love and happiness together.

Taurus Moon Sign: 8 of Cups

8 of cups tarot card
8 of Cups

Taurus, this week you might walk away from an unfulfilling situation or relationship that is not serving any purpose to you. It’s only causing pain and unhappiness. Despite your efforts, the situation is not better.

Gemini Moon Sign: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

This week Gemini, you might be trapped or stuck in a situation, or things might be on pause. Just release yourself and think of the situation from a different perspective. Also, meditate and find out the solution. Also, don’t Rush out things, just go with the flow.

Cancer Moon Sign: 8 of Cups

8 of cups tarot card
8 of Cups

Cancer, this week you go back to your childhood memories and relive those moments. Also, some might come across childhood friends and enjoy spending time with them. This also indicates, meeting your ex-partner back in your life. Also, there will be harmonious and
cooperative relationships without any expectations.

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Leo Moon Sign: Queen of Wands

queen of wands tarot card
Queen of Wands

This week Leo, you need to have self-confidence and bold enough to chase your dream purpose. It’s the time to be courageous and determined to face any challenges towards your goals. Don’t be afraid of your power and believe in yourself to chase your dreams. You are a
social butterfly to build your network for your success.

Weekly Horoscope: 28th April to 4th May 2024 by Himani Goyal on YouTube

Virgo Moon Sign: 2 of Pentacles

2 of pentacles tarot card
2 of Pentacles

This week Virgo, you need to maintain the balance in your life as you are juggling between the responsibilities. Just take out time for yourself. Also, you need to have proper data on your finances and maintain the daily budget.

Libra Moon Sign: 9 of Cups

9-of-cups tarot card
9 of Cups

This week Libra, you got a wish card so you can manifest your desires. The hard times are left behind and now is the time for happiness and abundance. It’s time for Gratitude and joyful time is coming to your doorstep.

Scorpio Moon Sign: 2 of Swords

2 of swords tarot card
2 of Swords

This week Scorpio, you are at the crossroads where you are confused and undecided and unable to see the truth. You have two options available, but you are unable to choose. Just be realistic and practical. Try to see the truth, research, and then choose the best option.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: The Devil

the-devil tarot card
The Devil

This week Sagittarians, you are caught up with emotional blockages that you are unable to come out of. You feel trapped in certain situations that seem to be good but in the long run, it will affect you. So just relax and with a calm mind try to find a way to come out of it.

Capricorn Moon Sign: King of Pentacles

king of pentacles
King of Pentacles

This week Capricorns, you find lots of opportunities that will help you to be financially independent and achieve success. Also, you are mature enough to manage your wealth and also invest it wisely. It also indicates, that if someone needs advice related to finance, you are the best person to guide them.

Aquarius Moon Sign: 3 of Wands

3 of wands tarot card
3 of Wands

This week Aquarius, you are aware of opportunities available for you. Just stay focused and committed to your path and dream big. You need to work beyond your comfort zone to achieve success. It also indicates Travel for work.

Pisces Moon Sign: Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

This week Pisces, you might get the solution to your problem. A breakthrough in your life. It also indicates intellectual opportunities are coming your way. Also, good news in legal matters as well as you might get contracts. Also, take care of your health as it also indicates major surgery.