Weekly Horoscope: 30 June to 6 July 2024

As we step into the first week of July, the stars have aligned to guide us through the dynamic energies of the cosmos. Each moon sign brings its own unique challenges and opportunities, offering a chance to harness our inner strengths and navigate the complexities of life. From Aries’ call to conquer inner fears and Taurus’ embodiment of the Magician’s skills, to the determined passion of Gemini and the nostalgic reflections of Leo, this week promises a rich tapestry of experiences. Stay grounded like Cancer, embrace leadership like Scorpio and Capricorn, and balance emotions like Sagittarius. Whether you’re feeling the burdens of Virgo or the illusions of Libra, the wisdom of the stars will illuminate your path. Dive into our weekly horoscope for June 30th to July 6th, 2024, and discover what the universe has in store for you.

These are based on the Moon Sign. These are General guidance.

1 strength tarot card

Aries Moon Sign: Strength

This week Aries, you need to believe in yourself and must conquer all your inner fear and worries, and focus on yourself to be successful. You need to have inner strength to face all the challenges in life. Also, try to control and tame your emotions.

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2 magician-tarot-card
The Magician

Taurus Moon Sign: The Magician

Taurus, this week you have all the desired skills and abilities to fulfill your goals and to be successful in life. The universe is blessing you with happiness. Just use your intellect and willpower to make things happen.

3 queen of wands tarot card
Queen of Wands

Gemini Moon Sign: Queen of Wands

This week Gemini, you are very passionate about your dreams and determined to fulfill them. Also, some might be bold and courageous to fight all the challenges in life. You believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to speak about your opinion in front of everyone.

4 5 of wands tarot card
5 of Wands

Cancer Moon Sign: 5 of Wands

Cancer this week, there are differences of opinion and ego clashes. People are fighting to get heard. It also indicates competition in the market where you need to prove yourself through your skills. Just stay grounded and be unique in your skills.

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5 6 of cups tarot card
6 of Cups

Leo Moon Sign: 6 of Cups

This week Leo, you have traveled back to your childhood and are reliving those moments. It also indicates you might meet your ex or childhood friend after so long and enjoy spending time together. There is harmony and cooperation in your relationship, and you are ready to give and receive without expectations.

6 10 of wands tarot card
10 of Wands

Virgo Moon Sign: 10 of Wands

This week Virgo, you are taking a burden or greater responsibilities on your shoulder which might cause you stress and tiredness. I know hard work is important, however, it is important to say no sometimes and delegate your responsibility to others.

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7 7 of cups tarot card
7 of Cups

Libra Moon Sign: 7 of Cups

This week Libra, you have lots of options available to choose from and all seem attractive, and you might land into illusions and Unrealistic ideals. It is advisable to do proper research and then choose the right one. Also, some might be doing wishful thinking without taking action. So it’s always good to dream big but at the same time, it’s necessary to take action.

8 the emperor tarot card
The Emperor

Scorpio Moon Sign: The Emperor

This week Scorpio, you will be using logic over emotions for taking any decisions in life. Also, some might be in a stable leadership role and help your team members to achieve their goals. You are very ambitious and focused on making your ideas and dreams into reality.

9 king of cups tarot card
King of Cups

Sagittarius Moon Sign: King of Cups

This week Sagittarius, you are balanced and learn to control your emotions. You are emotionally mature when faced with negative energy from others. Also, you are very compassionate and caring towards your team members. You are emotionally attached to your partner and help him or her to balance the emotions.

10 king of wands
King of Wands

Capricorn Moon Sign: King of Wands

This week Capricorn, you are focused and passionate about your goals. And you are ready to direct your team members toward a common goal. You are a natural-born leader and working in a leadership role. You have a clear vision and with those around you, you are determined to complete your goals.

11 5 of cups
5 of Cups

Aquarius Moon Sign: 5 of Cups

This week Aquarius, you are feeling sad or regretful as things are not moving as per your expectations and you are facing disappointment. Just focus on how things went wrong and learn from it and move on. Don’t hold past grudges or past mistakes. It is not the right time for a job change as you might face rejection.

12 king of swords tarot card
King of Swords

Pisces Moon Sign: King of Swords

This week Pisces, you are focused on your work and use logic over emotions. You are self-disciplined and working towards achieving your goals. You might require legal advice or financial consultation as this indicates legal matters or financial savings.