Weekly Horoscope: 4 to 10 December 2022


Do you know what the universe has planned for you this week? Do check out the Weekly Horoscope: 4 to 10 December 2022 to know what the guardian angels are trying to tell you so that you can make planned and informed decisions this week.

These are based on the Moon Sign. This is for general guidance.

Aries Moon Sign: The Sun

The Sun

This week Aries, you will have success and abundance in life. If you faced challenges last week, rest assured this week things will be better. There will be lots of positive energy this week.

Taurus Moon Sign: 7 of Swords

7 of swords tarot card
7 of Swords

This week, Taurus, you need to be alert from getting betrayed by your close ones. Don’t share anything with your colleagues blindly. It also indicates, some might use shortcuts to get their work done but you might get caught. Also, it is the time to strategize your priorities and balance your work.

Gemini Moon Sign: 5 of Swords

5 of Swords

This week, Gemini, you might face a difference of opinion on the work front with your superior. Just remain silent otherwise, there might be a heated argument and in order to win there will be hurtful words spoken by you, which cannot be taken back, and you might feel guilty in the end.

Cancer Moon Sign: 7 of Wands

7 of wands tarot card
7 of Wands

This week, Cancer. you will be facing lots of competition in your workplace and people try to pull you down. You need to be grounded and continue to push yourself to be consistent in getting success. Just have self-confidence and continue to fight for your victory.

Leo Moon Sign:10 of Swords

10 of Swords

This week, Leo, you might feel pain and hurt because of losing an important relationship in your life. You feel like rock bottom and the situation is helpless. But don’t worry, this is the last phase, and a new dawn will surely come into your life. It also indicates, Backpain so just stays healthy.

Virgo Moon Sign: The High Priestess

The High Priestess

This week Virgo you need to look within yourself for any guidance or solution to your problems. Sometimes we are the best guiding teacher for ourselves. This is a good week for healers and Spiritual gurus. If you are looking for a job change, just listen to your intuition for the right path.

Libra Moon Sign: Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune
Wheel of Fortune

This week Libra, it is good luck and good fortune coming your way. Have faith and rest assured, if you faced challenges last week, they will be resolved, and you will be going to achieve victory in life. It also indicates, “What goes around comes around. So be kind to others, and you will get love in return.

Scorpio Moon Sign9 of Swords

9 of swords tarot card
9 of Swords

This Week, Scorpio, you might be facing stress and anxiety about a situation which is causing sleepless nights and negative thoughts. Your mind is playing 1000 times more and causing you insomnia. So instead of thinking about negative thoughts just break the cycle with one positive thought and you will be happy.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: The Chariot

the chariot tarot card
The Chariot

This week, Sagittarius, you will be determined and courageous to fulfil your goals. No obstacle will come your way. Have a focused approach to your goals. You will have the strong willpower to achieve it.

Capricorn Moon Sign: Queen of Wands

queen of wands tarot card
Queen of Wands

This week, Capricorns, you will be energetic, Ambitious towards your goals. You have a life purpose, and you are courageous to fulfil it. You are also bold and a social butterfly who is the charm of the party and you are ready to build your network in the social gathering.

Aquarius Moon Sign: Page of Pentacles

page of pentacles
Page of Pentacles

This week, Aquarians, you will get new opportunities and new beginnings that will help you to grow financially. You are ready to fulfil your dream with a clear mindset and plan. You are ready to learn new skills that will help you to grow.

Pisces Moon Sign: 10 of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles

This week Pisces, you might be financially successful and get an appreciation for your hard work in your workplace. It also indicates a good and stable career which gives you financial security in life. Some might be focusing on their family and want to stay with them.

Thank you, hope you resonate with the guidance and plan your week as per the weekly horoscope from 4 to 10 December 2022.

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