Weekly Horoscope: 6 to 12 August 2023


Welcome to our weekly horoscope series, where we delve into the mystical world of tarot cards to unravel the celestial guidance that awaits each zodiac sign. As we embark on the journey from 6th to 12th August 2023, the enigmatic cards hold within them a tapestry of insights, revelations, and cosmic energy that promises to shape our destiny.

Whether you seek answers to burning questions or simply wish to navigate the forthcoming week with clarity and purpose, join us as we decode the profound messages the tarot has in store for you. Embrace the ethereal whispers of the universe, as we venture into the depths of the metaphysical, one card at a time.

Check out your weekly horoscope below!

Aries Moon Sign: 8 of Cups

8 of cups tarot card
8 of Cups

This week Aries, you might be walking away from an unfulfilling situation this week which might be causing you frustration and pain. It can be a relationship, job, career path, or any other situation. You had tried hard and put extra effort to sort out this situation but were unable to change it. So, it’s better to leave behind for better prospects.

Taurus Moon Sign: The World

the world tarot card
The World

Taurus, this week you completed your project and are getting appreciation and praise for your hard work. It’s the completion of one phase and ready for new challenges in your life. It also indicates traveling around the world. Also, some might be getting married or delivering a child.

Gemini Moon Sign: Queen of Cups

queen of cups tarot card
Queen of Cups

This week, you might be very emotional towards certain things and taking decisions based on your heart. Also, some might be extra compassionate and caring towards your family members. It also indicates a new creative project which you must be waiting for.

Cancer Moon Sign: King of Cups

king of cups tarot card
King of Cups

This week, Cancer, you are very romantic towards your partner and spending quality time with him or her. It also indicates emotional maturity and has a balanced approach to controlling your emotions. You are very patient and calm towards any challenges in your life.

Leo Moon Sign: Ace of Wands

ace of wands tarot card
Ace of Wands

This week Leo, you might be following your passion and open to new opportunities. It is a good time to start something new. It also indicates you are very energetic and youthful towards your relationship and want to enjoy every bit of it.

Virgo Moon Sign: 2 of Wands

2 of wands
2 of Wands

This week Virgo, if you are looking out for a job change, you have a clear plan and do proper research about the right prospect, and apply for the interview. You are ready to explore new opportunities available in the market and come out of your comfort zone. It also indicates foreign travel.

Libra Moon Sign: 5 of Pentacles

five of pentacles tarot card
5 of Pentacles

This week Libra, you might be feeling lonely or isolated and facing hardship in your life. You might be thinking that the world is against you, However, the world is not that difficult the way you are thinking. It is the time to seek assistance and help from your loved ones. The situation will soon be fine.

Scorpio Moon Sign: The Devil

the-devil tarot card
The Devil

This week Scorpio, you might be emotionally blocked and have no control over yourself. You feel powerless and victimized in certain aspects of your life as sometimes we are bonded by short-term pleasures and unable to see the long-term pain. So, we should have control over ourselves to come out of the situation for long-term happiness.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: Temperance

temperance tarot card

This week Sagittarius you need to have peace and patience in your life. Things will be fulfilled at the right time. Also, it requires balance and moderation in your life. Don’t be frustrated when things are not as per your expectations. It is a sign of a harmonious relationship.

Capricorn Moon Sign: 2 of Cups

2 of cups tarot card
2 of Cups

This week, Capricorns if you are single, you might find love in your life. You and your partner are destined to be connected and you will create this relationship harmonious. It also indicates working in a partnership with mutual consent and being on the same wavelength.

Aquarius Moon Sign: 4 of Cups

4 of Cups

This week, Aquarius, you are not ready to accept new opportunities in your life as these prospects do not interest you or are not what you are looking for. Just look within yourself for inner guidance to find life’s purpose. Also, some might be dissatisfied with their everyday life and want some change. Life for you might become dull and boring. It is time to find a deeper meaning in your life.

Pisces Moon Sign: 6 of Wands

6 of wands tarot card
6 of Wands

This week Pisces, your hard work is appreciated by your superiors, and you are being recognized as an achiever in front of everyone in your workplace. You have got a promotion and increment in your workplace. It had increased your confidence to continue to work hard.

Thank you, hope you resonate with the guidance and plan your week as per the weekly horoscope from 6 to 12 August 2023.

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