Weekly Horoscope: 7 to 13 May 2023


Do you know what the universe has planned for you this week? We bring you Weekly Horoscope: 7 to 13 May 2023, to know what the guardian angels are trying to tell you through the tarot card reading so that you can make planned and informed decisions this week.

These are based on the Moon Sign. This is for general guidance.

7 of pentacles tarot card
7 of Pentacles

Aries Moon Sign: 7 of Pentacles

This week Aries, you need to have patience in your life. Hard work will surely give you results so continue with your hard work and don’t get frustrated. It also indicates planning for the long-term future.

9 of swords tarot card

Taurus Moon Sign: 9 of Swords

This week Taurus, you are worrying and overthinking about a situation too much and getting fear and negative thoughts which are creating sleepless nights and insomnia, and anxiety. Just break the cycle of negative thoughts and think positively.

10 of wands tarot card
10 of Wands

Gemini Moon Sign:10 of Wands

This week, you might be taking too many responsibilities on your shoulder which is causing stress and burden in your life both professionally and personally. Just try to delegate the responsibilities and feel relaxed.

7 of swords tarot card
7 of Swords

Cancer Moon Sign:7 of Swords

This week, Cancer, you need to stay away from sharing your secrets with your colleagues or whom you don’t trust as there are high chances of getting betrayed or cheated by them. So, need to be a little cautious this week. Also, don’t try to use shortcuts to complete your work as you might get caught. It also indicates being a little selfish to get your work done on priority.

8 of Swords tarot card
8 of Swords

Leo Moon Sign: 8 of Swords

This week Leo, you might get trapped in a certain situation where you are unable to come out and you might start having negative thoughts which enable you to find any solution. It is the time to get those negative thoughts out of your head and feel positive so that you can be able to find a solution with a clear mind.

queen of swords tarot card
Queen of Swords

Virgo Moon Sign: Queen of Swords

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This week Virgo, you might be dedicated and focused on your work and will be taking any decisions logically without getting yourself emotional. You are strong and independent and can be a great mentor for your team. This week, you will be a quick thinker and take unbiased decisions.

8 of cups tarot card
8 of Cups

Libra Moon Sign: 8 of Cups

This week Libra, you might be escaping or running away from the situation which is not serving you any purpose and causing pain in your life. All your efforts also do not help any purpose to solve the issue and only cause disappointment, so you had no choice but to leave the situation and move on in life for the better.

judgement tarot card

Scorpio Moon Sign: Judgement

This week Scorpio, you need to take a very important decision in your life that will impact you further so just look within yourself trust your judgment, and then take a decision. If you are looking for a new job and giving interviews, you will get the job this week.

2 of pentacles tarot card
2 of Pentacles

Sagittarius Moon Sign: 2 of Pentacles

This week, you might be Juggling between your work and home responsibilities and doing Multitasking. It’s time to balance out things and pay special attention to your bills. It is the time to check the cash flow and plan your day-to-day budget.

3 of cups
3 of Cups

Capricorn Moon Sign: 3 of Cups

This week, Capricorns, you will have a promotion and salary increment which is making you happy and you are celebrating your success by partying with your friends and colleagues. It’s the time to enjoy and be happy. Also, some might be getting help and support from their colleagues in your workplace.

page of wands tarot card
Page of Wands

Aquarius Moon Sign: Page of Wands

This week, Aquarius, you had a clear vision and Idea about your goals, and no one can come in the way of your dreams. But at the same time, you don’t have a clear plan for fulfilling your dream. Just gain knowledge and learn new things to fulfill your goals. It also indicates, finding a mentor who can guide you toward your goals.

page of pentacles
Page of Pentacles

Pisces Moon Sign: Page of Pentacles

This week, Pisces, you will get new financial opportunities that will help you to grow and get success. Also, some might be learning new skills that will help them to get success. Some might be starting a new business venture that will surely give them success.

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