Weekly Horoscope: March 17 to 23, 2024

As we embark on another week filled with cosmic alignments and celestial shifts, the stars are poised to influence our lives in various ways. Welcome to our weekly horoscope forecast for March 17 to 23, 2024, where we delve into the astrological energies shaping the upcoming days. Whether you’re seeking insights into love, career, or personal growth, join us as we explore the celestial tapestry and uncover what the universe has in store for each zodiac sign.

These are based on the Moon Sign. These are general guidance.

Aries Moon Sign: 5 of Wands

5 of wands tarot card
5 of Wands

This week Aries, you are facing lots of competition and differences of opinion in your workplace which might be interrupting your ability to move forward towards your goals. Just stay grounded and continue to move forward with courage. Sometimes, differences of opinion prove to be productive as it challenge your ability to learn new things.

Taurus Moon Sign: Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

Taurus this week, You might get a breakthrough with your new ideas, and new plans. It also indicates new opportunities might be at your door which will be beneficial for your career. If you are starting with a new project, it’s a good sign to go ahead. Also, take care of your health as it also indicates Surgery.

Gemini Moon Sign: 7 of Wands

7 of wands tarot card
7 of Wands

This week Gemini, you might be challenged by others who might try to take your place which means there is a lot of competition at your workplace. Just stay grounded and continue to fight for your position which you had earned after your hard work.

Cancer Moon Sign: Justice

Justice Tarot Card

This week Cancer, things will be in your favor if you have good Karma. Also, It indicates legal matters will be resolved in a proper and balanced manner. Also if you are single, you might get married soon in court.

Leo Moon Sign: 5 of Pentacles

five of pentacles tarot card
5 of Pentacles

This week Leo, you might face a financial crisis or feel lonely or isolated as things might be a bit negative or disappointing. Just seek help from your loved ones and don’t feel lonely. Sometimes, we may feel the world is against us, but things are not as bad as they seem to be. Just have faith and this difficult phase will be over soon.

Virgo Moon Sign: Queen of Cups

queen of cups tarot card
Queen of Cups

This week, you will be very caring and compassionate towards your loved ones. This week, you will be treating people with compassion and sympathy in your workplace. This week, you will be making decisions from your heart and not mind. This is a good week for healers and counselors.

Libra Moon Sign: 6 of Cups

6 of cups tarot card
6 of Cups

This week Librayou might travel back to your childhood. Memories and relive those moments. It also indicates meeting up with your childhood friend after so long or your ex and enjoying those moments together. It also indicates, Harmony and cooperation in your relationship as there are no expectations.

Scorpio Moon Sign: Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups
Knight of Cups

This week Scorpio is a good time to follow your heart and bring your dreams into reality. For singles, you might find someone who is romantic and writes love poems for you. You might pursue your hobby of learning Guitar. Also, some might receive anticipated offers or proposals.

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Sagittarius Moon Sign: 9 of Swords

9 of swords tarot card
9 of Swords

This week Sagittarians, Your mind is working ten times causing fear and anxiety. You are having insomnia and sleepless nights as something worse is happening in your life. But these are your thoughts that are making you feel weak. Just change your negative thoughts into positive and things will be good.

Capricorn Moon Sign: The World

the world tarot card
The World

This week Capricorn, one phase is going to be over and you are getting praise and appreciation for your hard work from your superiors, and you are now ready to face new challenges in the next financial year. It also indicates a world tour. It also represents marriage or graduation ceremony if you are a student.

Aquarius Moon Sign: Ace of Wands

ace of wands tarot card
Ace of Wands

This week Aquarius, your new ideas are flowing which motivates and inspires you to move towards a new Path. It also indicates a passionate relationship might come into your life. If you are single. You are also open to new opportunities that are connected to your higher self.

Pisces Moon Sign: Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles tarot card
Knight of Pentacles

This week Pisces, you are a natural Planner and implementer who works with discipline sets your own goals, and is determined to pursue your dreams with the right action. You are not open to change but follow your routine path and methodical approach towards your dreams. Sometimes, this might seem to be monotonous and boring.