Weekly Horoscope: October 29 to November 4, 2023


Unlock the secrets of the cosmos and peer into the mystical realm as we delve into the Weekly Horoscope for October 29 to November 4, 2023, through the mystical lens of Tarot card readings. The enigmatic and timeless art of Tarot has long been a source of guidance and fascination, offering insights into the celestial energies that shape our lives. Join us on this captivating journey as we explore what the cards have in store for each astrological sign, providing a unique and intuitive perspective on the week ahead. Whether you’re seeking wisdom, inspiration, or simply a touch of cosmic magic, our Tarot-based horoscope is here to illuminate your path and uncover the hidden mysteries of the universe.

These are based on the Moon Sign. These are General guidance.

Aries Sign: 2 of Swords

2 of swords tarot card
2 of Swords

This week Aries, you have two options to choose but you are indecisive and unable to choose as both options seem to be good. Just be practical and with proper research think about its pros and cons and choose the best option.

Taurus Sign: The Emperor

the emperor tarot card
The Emperor

Taurus, this week you will be making any decisions based on your mind rather than heart. Also, if you are looking for a job, you will find a more stable job in a leadership role. If you are thinking of fulfilling your dreams then this week, you must be more focused and concentrate to fulfil your dreams.

Gemini Moon Sign: Queen of Pentacles

queen of pentacles tarot card
Queen of Pentacles

This week Gemini, you are financially independent and creating abundance in your life. You can create a balance between work and home. It’s a good week to start something new. It also indicates success at work.

Cancer Moon Sign: 5 of Pentacles

five of pentacles tarot card
5 of Pentacles

This week, Cancer, you might be facing disappointments and challenges in your life. You may feel alone or think that the world is against you and not able to get things as per your expectations. However, things are not as bad as expected, just talk to your close ones and seek assistance. Also, this will surely get over with time.

Leo Moon Sign: The Empress

the empress tarot card
The Empress

This week Leo, you need to embrace yourself and explore your emotions. Also, be more creative this week and enjoy financial success in your workplace. If you are planning for pregnancy this is the right week to plan.

Virgo Moon Sign: 7 of Cups

7 of cups tarot card
7 of Cups

This week Virgo, you have lots of opportunities and options available for you to choose from. But be careful as you might fall into illusions. It is important to listen to your intuition and choose the right option. Also, some might be into wishful thinking rather than taking any action.

Libra Moon Sign: Queen of Swords

queen of swords tarot card
Queen of Swords

This week Libra you will be focused on your career and use your wisdom or logic for any important decision. It also indicated a help from much older woman who will advise or support you to overcome any problem.

Scorpio Moon Sign: 4 of Cups

4 of Cups

This week Scorpio, you might be disappointed by your experience that you are not ready to grab any new opportunities, or you might not be happy with the upcoming opportunities. Just tune in to your higher self and find out what is your life purpose. What exactly do you need now? Also, some might be feeling bored with your current work in the office so try to talk to your superior about a change of project.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: The Fool

the fool tarot card
The Fool

This week Sagittarians. It’s a new beginning and new opportunities coming your way. Also, if you want to start something new, you can take risks based on your faith in the Universe. Also, some might be carefree without any worries.

Capricorn Moon Sign: 4 of Wands

Four of Wands
4 of Wands

This week, Capricorn, It’s family time. It’s a card of Joyful celebration. You might be celebrating your success with your family. It also indicates celebrating an anniversary or a Housewarming party. It’s a week of Harmony and balance. Also, if you are single, you might be getting married soon.

Aquarius Moon Sign: The High Priestess

The High Priestess

This week, Aquarius is a good week for healers and Counsellors as they will get good clients. Also, it’s the week to listen to your intuition and go with your feelings for any important aspect of your life.

Pisces Moon Sign: 4 of Wands

Four of Wands
4 of Wands

This week Pisces, stay calm and go with the flow. Don’t hurry on things. Also, this is not the right week to make any important decisions. Just go out in nature, Meditate, and then probably take the decision. Also, if you are looking for a solution to your problem, Just give some time to yourself, and automatically with peace of mind, you will find the solution.