Weekly Horoscope: 20 to 26 February 2022


Do you know what’s the universe has planned for you this week? Do check out the weekly horoscope for the week of 20 to 26 February 2022 to know what the guardian angels are trying to tell you so that you can make planned and informed decisions this week.

These are based on the Moon Sign. These are general guidance.

Aries Moon Sign:  3 of Cups

3 of cups tarot card
3 of Cups

This week, you will celebrate your joy and happiness with your friends. It will be party time. It is a girls or boy’s day out. Cherishing each moment with your friends, Supporting each other.

Taurus Moon Sign:  8 of Cups

8 of cups tarot card
8 of Cups

As per the weekly horoscope for this week, you will be escaping or running away from certain things which are causing you troubles or disappointment. Things that do not serve any purpose, so it is better to move away or leave them for a new beginning. Sometimes, you may feel emotionally drained and need to run away.

Gemini Moon Sign:  Judgement

judgement tarot card

This week, Universe or angels may be waking you up from your sleep to make you realize that you can do much more than what you are currently doing. It is a wake-up call to make certain decisions that are good for your growth. But make sure, don’t make an impulsive decision. Just listen to your heart and then decide.

Cancer Moon Sign:  Ace of Pentacles

ace of pentacles tarot card
Ace of Pentacles

This week, you will receive new opportunities that will give you financial gains. Some might receive unexpected money or gains. For people who are seeking new job opportunities, this is the right week for them.

Leo Moon Sign: Page of Cups

page of cups tarot card
Page of Cups

This week, you might receive unexpected messages which might make you emotional or joyful. Some might receive creative opportunities. As per this card in your weekly horoscope, it is the week for learning new creative things that make you happy.

Virgo Moon Sign. 6 of Pentacles

6 of pentacles tarot card
6 of Pentacles

This week, Virgo you will be kind and full of gratitude towards the Universe. You will be kind and help others who are in need. Some might be doing charity according to your weekly horoscope this week. There will be financial gains and Success. Some might be taking help from others.

Libra Moon Sign: 10 of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles

This week, Libra your family will be supporting you at every point of your life. People who are in a relationship will be ready to get married. It is a good week to plan for a baby. On the career front, you will be happy and emotionally content.

Scorpio Moon Sign: Ace of Cups

ace of cups tarot card
Ace of Cups

This week, you will be happy and joyful in your workplace. Singles might find new relationships that will make them happy. Some might receive new and creative opportunities that will give them emotional content.

Sagittarius Moon Sign:  8 of Wands

8 of wands tarot card
8 of Wands

This weekSagittarians you might be busy running on your toes for completing your projects, the deadline is around the corner. It is a fast-paced week for you. Some might be going for an official trip.  Some might receive good news, Promotions, or salary hike.

Capricorn Moon Sign:  Lovers

the-lovers tarot card

This week is a lovely week for you Capricorn. If you are single, you might receive your love or soulmate with whom you will be enjoying your time. If you are already in a relationship, you will be enjoying some romantic moments with your partner. Some might follow their heart and values in their workplace.

Aquarius Moon Sign:  2 of Wands

2 of wands
2 of Wands

This week is the week of planning and making decisions. You have your goals set and in order to accomplish your goals, planning is required. So, this week, you might be doing research and planning for your goals. It is the week to take decisions on certain things with proper planning. No rushing on things.

Pisces Moon Sign: 10 of Swords

10 of Swords

It is a week of the painful ending of certain things. For some, might be the ending of the project or contract. Also, some who are struggling in a relationship decided to part ways. It is a very difficult week but after emotional endings, a new ray of hope comes to life. So, one needs to be happy always. Some might face backpains so take medicine and relax.

Thank you, hope you resonate with the guidance and plan your week as per the weekly horoscope from 20th to 26th February 2022.

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