Weekly Love Horoscope: 30 June to 6 July 2024

Welcome to your Weekly Love Horoscope for June 30 to July 6, 2024! This week promises a myriad of emotional experiences and romantic developments for each Moon Sign. Whether you are single and searching or happily coupled, the stars have intriguing insights and guidance to offer. From the steadfast stability of Virgo to the transformative challenges of Pisces, read on to discover what the cosmos has in store for your love life this week. Embrace the wisdom of the cards and navigate your romantic journey with clarity and confidence.

These are based on the Moon Sign. These are General guidance.

1 king of swords tarot card
King of Swords

Aries Moon Sign: King of Swords

This week Aries, your partner will be more focused on your work rather than romance. If you are single, you will find a partner who will be honest will not express any emotions, and will be straightforward.

2 page of wands tarot card
Page of Wands

Taurus Moon Sign: Page of Wands

Taurus this week, your partner will be very daring and passionate in expressing love. It also indicates charming and childlike love. This also indicates flirting with your partner.

3 5 of wands tarot card
5 of Wands

Gemini Moon Sign: 5 of Wands

This week Gemini, you might be having ego clashes and disagreements with your partner which might lead to fights and arguments. In order to have a peaceful relationship, just control your anger and avoid unnecessary confrontation.

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4 9-of-pentacles
9 of Pentacles

Cancer Moon Sign: 9 of Pentacles

Cancer this week, if you are single, You would like to enjoy your bachelorhood and not ready for a relationship. If you are already married, your partner treats you like a prince or Princess and you both enjoy the luxuries of life together. It also indicates buying a house together. Your partner also pampers you with gifts.

5 8 of pentacles tarot card
8 of Pentacles

Leo Moon Sign: 8 of Pentacles

This week Leo, you and your partner are putting efforts to improve your relationship and make it stronger. If you are looking for love, you are doing self-healing and self-improvement before entering the relationship.

6 10-of-pentacles
10 of Pentacles

Virgo Moon Sign: 10 of Pentacles

This week Virgo, your relationship is very stable and strong. It is flourishing and both are contended. It also indicates a joyful family spending time together. If you are looking for love, you will find a partner who is fully committed in the relationship.

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7 ace-of-swords
Ace of Swords

Libra Moon Sign: Ace of Swords

This week Libra, you must set up clear goals in your relationship. If your relationship is facing challenges, Open communication is required to have a healthy relationship. There is a breakthrough moment for both of you together.

8 ace of cups tarot card
Ace of Cups

Scorpio Moon Sign: Ace of Cups

This week Scorpio, if you are searching for love, You will surely find love in your life. You are open to giving and receiving love. In an established relationship, it indicates both you and your partner will enjoy a strong emotional connection.

9 the moon tarot card
The Moon

Sagittarius Moon Sign: The Moon

This week Sagittarius, you are uncertain about your feelings for your partner, or you might be hiding some truth from your partner. There is unhappiness, Sadness, and lots of emotional issues in the relationship. There is a lack of clarity in the relationship.

10 8 of Swords tarot card
8 of Swords

Capricorn Moon Sign: 8 of Swords

This week Capricorn, you are in a traumatic relationship where you are victimized, powerless, and betrayed. You feel that this relationship is not doing any favors to you. The feeling of hopelessness prevails. Also, if you are single, you have lost faith in love and are not ready to welcome love. Just remember true happiness comes from within.

11 page of swords
Page of Swords

Aquarius Moon Sign: Page of Swords

This week Aquarius, you and your partner are enjoying lively conversations together and are curious to know each other’s likes and dislikes. Also, there is lots of enthusiasm and energy in a relationship. If you are single, you are looking for an intellectual partner who can inspire you.

12 death tarot card

Pisces Moon Sign: Death

This week Pisces, you might be facing miseries and disturbance in your relationship and there might be significant changes in your relationship. It might indicate, moving out of the unhealthy relationship.