A Trip to Dharamshala

The day was progressing at a steady pace. Everyone in the school had got fed up with conversations with students because of a long session of introduction. The new session had been commenced and it was the first week of April. I too was killing my time burying my nose in a novel as it was my spare lecture. I got a phone call from my husband, Amit.

“Hey! What’s going on? I have a surprise for you, in fact a pleasant surprise.”

“What?? Please be quick, I am dying to hear.” I got super excited.

“Let’s be quick as we are going to leave tomorrow for an amazing trip to Dharamshala”

“Oh, Wow! But how did you make it so quick?

“Actually I got a call from Rahul who was asking to join them for the trip if we may get holidays for almost a week. I approved the proposal at once.”

“Yeah! All will be done. No issues.”

Instantly I got consented for the trip as we were already planning for such a trip for so long and we got it finally. A novel streak of excitement passed through my veins as I always remain passionate about traveling and exploring new places.

My day had been stretched even longer as I found myself unable to stay back at school anymore. Anyhow the day was terminated. Reaching home I hugged him tightly for this fabulous surprise that he gifted me. Our little girl too was super excited as she got a passion for traveling hereditary.

We got our exigencies packed along with a bag full of peps and sparks. Having a phonic conversion with Rahul, we got a couthy hotel booked in advance at Dharamkot village which is almost one kilometer away from Mcleodganj.

The next morning, we propelled to explore our set destination along with the seats loaded with delirium. We decided to travel in our own car. We made a planning meeting at a set place as Rahul and family had to start over from Gurugram while we left from Hisar, Haryana.


We were caught together at a place around 12 O’Clock and struck to move together in a single car for the rest of the expedition. We were four adults and two girl kids of five years old.

Kids started pomping meeting each other as the two are well known to each other and moreover come from the same age group. We headed for our terminus sharing confabs of excitement. Kids too were delighted for the place they were going to explore at such early years of their life.

After about a couple of hours, we started to sense cool and fresh air currents from mountains. We got our car AC off and pull down the shutters to let the cool breeze thrash our anatomies. It seemed that we had been headed to heaven of peace and tranquility.

After a drive of about a couple of hours, we pulled our vehicle halted at a local Dhaba to taste the flavor of local delicacies for adding more smack to our wonderful journey.

Kids were enjoying the cool breeze and hot noodles offered to them. The sun was in its furry and blazing brightly as the whole atmosphere was free from all types of pollutions.

It looked like an enormous diamond had shattered its glimmer over the ambiance of hills and valleys. All of a sudden, dark smoky clouds draped the entire aura making sunshine diminished at the very moment.

Kids got shocked at that sudden conversion of the tone. They were enlightened about such weather conditions in hilly areas. Within the next few minutes, the sun again showed up its bright and smiling face so as the kids.

After a teeny halt of almost forty minutes, we resumed our car budging forward to the destination. Often people enjoy their tracks more than destinations as roads are taken as more thrilling as far as such trips are concerned.


Having relished few more breaks, we ended up at our luxurious hotel. Getting formalities done we were taken to our rooms which were adjacent. Luckily we got the rooms with mountain views which were constructed as to be stood up at the brink of a valley.

The rooms were too cozy and comfy that one might flourish a desire to linger the place forever. They are full of serenity and sufficiency for the kids too to play in. Our exhaustion had got vanished at once and decided not to waste even a single moment to enjoy the charm of that enthralling locale.

We resolved to have dinner outside as we were dying to traverse night views of that fabulous place. We left the hotel to start over the hunt for the best place to savour our dinner meal. Kids were clinging to us and we were toiling at discovering the best place making our ways through the topsy – turvy lands of Dharamkot.

One could see hotels only to nab the glimpse of lights as the natives were gone to sleep getting their lights off. We drifted through three or four places to eat but detected the best one at last. It was Morgans Place which is famous for its pizzas and other baked snacks. It was different in many ways as there were no chairs to sit on, the mats were spread out with adjoining tables of lower heights.

Dazzling lights and melodious music were adding glamour to this scented aura. Kids too loved it as for them it was like having ‘Alice in wonderland’ touch.

We tasted their specialties like Silicana, garlic mushrooms, and barbeque pizza. We resolved to skip the dinner as our bellies were full of delicious snacks. Kids too enjoyed snacks and got their tummies stuffed well. We came out of this sensual aura spending a couple of hours there.


For the next two days, we decided to explore few places in Macleodganj which is also known as ‘Little Lhasa’. It’s a fabulous placec in Dharamshala district of Himachal Pradesh where one can witness the perfect blend of Indian and Tibetan cultures living in harmony with each other.

This place is famous for soothing weather conditions, alluring bounties, picturesque trekking trails, and vibrant culture. We headed for Bhagsu Falls, the most popular waterfall which is known for its lush green and paradisiacal scenery. We enjoyed the cold waters of the fall and captured moments in our cameras. We savored lip-smacking food at the nearby cafes.

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We entered Nechung Monastery which is known for its tranquil environment and warm hearted hospitality. We confronted many foreigners there who were fascinated by vibrant Indian culture and peaceful aura of hill stations. Kids are seemed super excited to see the places that were beyond their imagination at this early stage of their lives.

They were kept enquiring about the next focused locales. We entered Vipassana Meditation Centre which is nestled by the Dhauladhar ranges. It’s an oasis of peace and tranquility, far from the hustle and bustle of crowded places. One can experience high leveled contentment reaching this place.

The very next day had been marked for shopping and roaming around local markets. We hired a cab and left to explore local markets of Central Square, Tibetan Children’s Village, Jogiwara Road and Kotwali Bazzar.

Kids were amused by hand-crafted and well-decorated toys, bags, footwear, and other accessories. The day was ended by uploading numerous bags full of shopped exigencies. It was the best day as far as kids were enquired into.

The last two days of the trip were spared tasting the flavours of slight adventure for as our trips are often brewed up with such activities. We opted for Triund Trekking as it’s not a tough nut to crack but might be slight hard when you are accompanied by kids as you have to be more attentive the whole way round. Anyway we decided to trek with the kids either.

We approached the base camp to start over a trek of nearly 9kms. We headed forward with full enthusiasm and hard – to – break will powers. Foreigners were seemed biting fingers as they were confronting the toddler-trekkers for the first time.

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Some of them appreciated us for our outstanding and non-givable efforts. After about a trek of 3kms, we started getting exhausted as we were loaded with kids and heavy bags as well. But kids themselves were forcing us to move ahead as they demanded to trek on their little feet. Finding tiny souls too enthusiastic we resolved to continue our trek.

The whole trail is known for its 22 curves which are tough enough to cross over. We opted for frequent breaks at cafes making our breathing going for, as kids were cooperating beyond we expected. We had planned in advance for spending the night at the summit so we were loaded with heavy bags carrying warm clothes and other necessities.

Good griped shoes, sun caps were put on and sufficient sunscreens were applied for the safe trek. We were ended up with a successful trial of 9kms finally absorbing the whole day long. We were at the summit that had been stretched out making a spacious and greenish locale to enjoy facing snowy mountains before. We took a deep breath of contentment and conquer.

Kids started playing immediately over the green hilly ground. They did not seem with even a pinch of exhaustion as someone has truly said that kids are the storehouse of never-ending strength. We had a bonfire feast at night and opted to sleep in tents.

We grabbed sleeping bags as night was going to freeze everything. We were welcomed by nice sunshine in the morning that was started with hot tea and snacks. Having kids getting refreshed, we resume our trail back to come down. Almost the whole day was absorbed getting down to Dharamkot following the same regime again.

We slept sound for the whole night as our organs were drained off and exhausted completely. We woke up with a new streak of zeal and left loaded with unforgettable memories of this fabulous place.

We headed for our place getting memories of the place packed in our hearts, minds, and cameras, leaving our footsteps in that fabulous haven of peace and tranquility.

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