Krang Shuri – India’s most Beautiful Waterfall

Rarity attracts everyone. This concept also works for traveling, as travelers have always been hungry for quaint and different kinds of places. India is the best country for traveling, but still, there is a lack of long stretches without urbanization for tranquillity. However, there is one exception and it’s North-East India because North-East is still kept preserved with intact natural beauty.

You must have witnessed so many types of waterfalls in India, like biggest, tallest, widest, etc. But today I am going to talk about one waterfall, which is completely different. I can say, it’s simply potent enough to give a visional feast to your eyes. Yes, you heard right! A waterfall, whose scenery is enchanting enough to question its reality.

Krang-Shuri is a waterfall, situated in the West Jaintia district of Meghalaya state. It is of a way place, which is also cut off from the usual bucket list of travelers who come to Meghalaya. This is the same waterfall that can give you a reminiscence of that scene of the Bahubali movie. Not usual, but this place is nestled in the mid of the forest, where peace is lying perfectly. From the main Dawki-Jowai highway, there is one cobbled way bringing us to the point, from where we can have a view of the waterfall from the upside. This waterfall is sandwiched in mid of dense forest. From the same peak point, the trek starts to downside. You will start getting excited after having a far tucked view of this waterfall from that point. That trek is of around 10-20 minutes, which is adorned by the local art of bamboo and surrounded by greenery. And here you reach the destination like never before.



The story behind the invention

Nowadays it has been becoming a tourist place as gradually it has been exposed to people. But it’s not faulting of anyone, as who don’t want to visit such places? Luckily, I have met the founder of this place, and the story of the discovery of this waterfall. This area of Meghalaya is normally famous for its natural resources, where amazing landscapes are lingering on the land. Meghalaya is actually full of such hidden gems, but only locals know about it.  As having rocky soil on the heart, the entire Meghalaya state has crystal clear water flowing in its veins. The founder of this place had seen this place once when he was wandering around the forest for his household work. He saw that there was no one around, but still some groups of friends used to come there silently for spending quality time. He developed a big idea in his mind for doing something great. As a dreamer to do something new, he decided to develop this place on his own as a tourist place and this is how all work started off. And he proved that nothing is impossible for dreamers.

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The Krang-Shuri word is the foundation of two words. Krang means “cave” and Shuri means “sword”. So ultimately Krang-Shuri means “Cave of Sword” according to its shape. It was all due to DONBOK- a local guy, who just found that place 2 years back. He single-handily made that rough cobbled way from the highway to the main point, along with adorning of the down trek with bamboos, the tent site nearby waterfall, the swimming, and boating equipment with picnic point, and the restaurant. He did everything on his own investment as the government has not given anything yet. He faced a lot of troubles during progress, but he didn’t stop. I felt happy when he said now the government is about to extend their hands as this place has got great fame and they are going to invest 4 crores there instead of famous Shnongpdeng. He said I never imagined that in this short time, the people would go mad like this for this place, but again saying, that’s the only beauty of this place.




Meghalaya is heaven for travelers as it consists of everything that explorers use to wish for having. The secret is nothing, but a stony land gives a gift of crystal clear water around and climate renders raining and its’ outcomes. This all things altogether with the presence of Khasi, Gharo, and Jaintia hills at Bosom make Meghalaya a wonderful destination to get interacted.

This place has its own magic. It’s away from the normal running world. When you go there, don’t forget to spend a night. Just imagine, you are sleeping in a tent, hearing the voice of a waterfall in a symphonic tone. You are assuming a wonder of it and in the early morning, you wake up with the chirping of birds and colorful stream water in front of your eyes. In the early morning( if it is not raining), you will find water with green shadow completely at the time of sunrise. That water gradually turns into blue, by the passing of time as the entire flow grabs that colorful shadow. Sitting at any corner and witnessing the peaceful environment, while having a hot Maggie with tea can be defined as new love. You are allowed to do so many activities there. They have their own campsite exactly nearby to the waterfall. The stream coming from mid of forest is being used as a source of boating. You can also enjoy swimming at the upper and lower side of the waterfall origin. There are certain treks around, which can be explored without a guide. The entire scenery is enough to make you question, what is this?

You won’t find such luxurious amenities, but I am sure, you will find sheer magic in minimalism there. For food, there is also one restaurant nearby the waterfall, which is run by founders. You can find good food there. What else do you need?


How to reach there?

By train

As there is no railway connection in the entire Meghalaya state, you have to depart at Guwahati junction, which is 190 km away from this place. Another nearby railway station is Silchar in lower Assam, which is also 19p km far away from this venue. Both places are well connected to other parts of the country.

By Air

Shillong serves as the nearest airport, but still, the frequency of flights will be better from Guwahati. Shillong is 90 km away from Krang-Shuri. Guwahati is well connected by most of the cities of the country, by inter-changing flights.

By road

It’s well connected by road. You can hire a taxi from Jowai or Shillong to reach there. The place falls onJowai-Dawki road, which itself a spectacular road.


This travelogue was published in Storizen Magazine October 2018 Issue.