The Krabi Diary – Travel Journey


Not all those who wander are lost- J.R.R. Tolkien

A few years back, I was going through psychological trauma, all unknown what I’m doing with my life and where do I have to head further,the reason for this state of unhappiness was ‘I’,so the only thing that was left to do is to heal myself in the best possible ways.
Whenever I need healing ‘‘Travel Therapy’’ works best for me. Beach, sand, and sun can really help to heal faster which I requisite most.
Krabi has one of the best beach views. Bluewater surrounding the islands and the voice of gushing waves perform symphony to ears and the most amazing part of my journey was “Island Hopping”.

As I had to reach on time for boarding speedboat so I decided to start my trek at dawn. I had a view of beautiful sunrise which deems so serene, exotic and full of life that hardly anyone can get their eyes from it and this gives you hope that no matter how much darkness you faced in past, you can still stand up and rise again.

So, I finally sat in the speedboat which had two sitting areas, one had the rooftop and other had an open roof. I opted to sit in the later one as I wanted to endure the onshore breeze and scenic view. The first stop was Island covered with the blanket of white sand. Sparkling and shining like the speck of diamond basked all around by the glint of the sun made it believe that sand is a most underrated natural healer, the healing capacity of it is beyond measurable. All you need to sit or lie on it you will feel the difference in energy.

From there onwards, I hopped 3 more islands via the same mode. The major one was Phi-Phi Island which is commercial more for shopping and food.
As I reached back at 6 a.m. on the main shore, it has been sunset till then which was nearly soul-satisfying.

The nest two days underwent eating local foods, exploring the local market, enjoying spas making it a good beach time.
3 days packed with sun and salt worked well and at the end, I was back with much-needed energy.

Exploring this beautiful part of nature I conceived that you really become a true traveler when you start enjoying the journey as much as you enjoy the destination. And similar goes for our life,the heartbreak, the emotional trauma, and failures are all the part of our journey and when we start appreciating and accepting them we will start growing in a better way through not craving to reach some perfect destination.

And yes this is true we all hit rock bottom once a while because there is no life without muddle but what matters most is that with how much zeal we can bounce back. So, if you feel you are lacking that zest for life then take a trip to an unknown land.

The Story first appeared in Storizen Magazine April 2019 Issue.