Health is not merely a word its actual meaning is not confined to the absence of diseases, but it is the complete well-being of the mental and physical state of human beings. There should be complete coordination between mind and body in order to enjoy the benefits of good health.

Good health depends on five factors :

  1. Balanced diet
  2. Proper and regular exercise
  3. Positive thinking
  4. Timely medical checkup
  5. Supplementation
  1. Balanced Diet–A diet comprising all the basic nutrients in the food like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fat, and water in the right proportion. These are not produced in our body, so we must take from food.
  2. Proper and regular exercise – To burn the calories and for the proper functioning of the body, exercise is a must. It may include yoga, light exercise, brisk walk, etc.
  3. Positive thinking – is a must because negative thinking will release negative hormones like cortisol which may affect the proper functioning of the brain and which in turn will affect the functioning of glands in the body.
  4. Timely medical checkup – It is necessary to know any kind of anomaly in the body in the initial stage so that we can get it treated in the nascent stage itself.
  5. Supplementation – Nowadays supplements are a must because food’s nutrition value has down to 40%. In order to fill this gap, we have to take supplements.

Supplements are of two types:

  1. Wellness supplements  
  2. Illness supplements

Wellness supplements are taken even when we are not having illness These are :

  1. Proteins: is required one gram per kilogram weight of your body. It means if you are 40 KGS then you must take 40 grams of protein every day. This requirement is not fulfilled by our daily food and protein is required for cell building proper functioning of the body like muscles, hair, skin, etc. It is required to build repair and maintain body tissues.

Our immune system relies on protein for maintenance and rebuilding. As a body does not store protein or synthesize amino acids (building blocks of protein) so eating protein everyday is essential.

  • Vitamins and minerals – Vitamins regulate metabolic processes control cellular function and reduce the risk of degenerative diseases. Each vitamin has its own daily requirement rich in food sources, function, deficiency, and toxicity. Minerals are essential as they act as cofactors of enzymes, which means enzymes will not function without minerals.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids – are very essential. They can fight depression, anxiety, helpful in eye health, brain health, and the prevention of heart diseases. It can reduce BP triglyceride levels, lower LDL and raise HDL and can reduce blood clots also. It can prevent plaque. Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce hyperactivity disorder in children. It can improve insulin resistance, inflammation, arthritis, mental disorder, mood swings, and schizophrenia. It can help to reduce age-related mental decline. it can reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer. It also helps to reduce fat in the liver and improved bone and joint health like osteoporosis. It can reduce menstrual pain. It may also improve sleep. It will keep the skin healthy and protected from premature aging and sun damage.

For taking Omega 3 we must rely mainly on plant-based supplements and in this category we recommend an Indian company OK life care product Omega flax which has Omega 3,6, and 9.

For vitamin and minerals I will recommend OK life care my 90 for men and fighter 40 plus for women above 40 an pink 18 plus for women above 18. These will help them in attaining good amount of vitamins and minerals.

I recommend these products from this company because I am vocal for local and secondly these products are all organic.

Illness Supplements

These are those supplements which are taken when we have certain kind of diseases like liver kidney heart problems arthritis etc. for these diseases I will recommend organic products like liver fuel, kidney fuel, heart fuel and various other premium targeted products from OK life care for various chronic diseases. I suggest and hope that all of you become conscious and take your health as a priority in order to live a healthy and happy life.

Disclaimer – The tips given in this article are for informational purposes only. It does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your dietitian and medical health practitioner before making any changes to your diet.

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