Weekly Horoscope: 30th August-5th September 2021


Do you know what’s the universe has planned for you this week? Do check out our horoscopes to know what the guardian angels are trying to tell you so that you can make planned and informed decisions.

These are based on the Moon Sign. This is general guidance and may or may not resonate with all.

1. Aries Moon Sign: Strength

strength tarot card

This week, you will have inner strength and patience to fight all the obstacles to reach your goals. You have the inner power to face any challenges towards your way and reach your goals with determination and a committed approach.

2. Taurus Moon Sign: Ace of Pentacles

ace of pentacles tarot card

This week, you will receive new opportunities which help you to get financial growth. Some unexpected money might come your way. Also, some might receive promotions or salary hikes. Overall a good week for finances and Investment.

3. Gemini Moon Sign: King of Swords

king of swords tarot card

This week, you will take certain decisions in life with Intellectual power and ability. You will have mental clarity about certain things this week. It will be well-researched decisions. Your subordinates will appreciate your decision as it will be unbiased and based on your logic.

4. Cancer Moon Sign: The Magician


This week is the week for you to manifest anything you wish or desire. Universe blessings are with you to make your dreams come true. It is a new beginning for you. Before manifesting, you must have a clear vision of what you want to create before taking any action.

5. Leo Moon Sign: 3 Of Swords


This week, you might be disappointed or feeling disheartened as nothing is moving. Don’t be disheartened, this time shall pass, and a new beginning will wait for you. Some might have emotional grief or loss or heartbreak. This is the time to release pain for a better tomorrow. Some may be trying for a new job but this week, you might be getting failures. Just relax and pray for a better week ahead.

6. Virgo Moon Sign: Ace of Wands

ace of wands tarot card

This is the energetic week for you to fulfill your passion with great determination. This week, you will receive new projects, new opportunities where you can utilize your innovative ideas and creativity. Go ahead, man! And fulfill your dreams.

7. Libra Moon Sign: 10 of Cups


For Singles, it is the time for Marriage. Some might have a family reunion or get-together this week. It is the week of happiness, Joy, and Emotional contentment.

8. Scorpio Moon Sign: 8 of cups

8 of cups tarot card

For Scorpio, this week you might be moving away from certain things which are causing you emotional troubles or not serving anything. Sometimes certain things do not go the way you want so it is always better to move away from them to have a brighter tomorrow. This is the week to just relax and reflect on things emotionally and spiritually how to deal with certain things in life.

9. Sagittarius Moon Sign: 4 of Pentacles

4-of-pentacles tarot card

This week, you might be afraid to lose money, so you are holding tightly and avoid spending them on unnecessary things. Some of them might be holding emotions and not sharing with others. Some of them might be unable to enjoy life’s pleasures due to scarcity of money. Just create a balance between enjoying life’s pleasures and at the same time saving for the future. In a relationship, some might be very possessive towards your partner because of the insecurity of losing them. This might create trouble in relationships.

10. Capricorn Moon Sign: 3 of Pentacles


This week, you will be working in a team to complete your task. Sometimes teamwork is essential for success. It not only helps us to learn different things from different people but also completes our tasks efficiently. Some might learn new skills to improve their working knowledge.

11. Aquarius Moon Sign: Hierophant

the-hierophant tarot card

This week, you will be more traditional towards your work. You will not use any modern or innovative approach to your work. It is a good week for any religious ceremonies. For people who would like to apply for a Government job or Teaching profession, it is a good week for them. Some might feel stuck in conventional boundaries or organizational rules, but they must have to follow them.

12. Pisces Moon Sign: 4 Of Cups


This week, you might be feeling bored or dissatisfied with your daily routine. There is no energy or enthusiasm. Some might feel “Life is Dull”. Just relax and meditate to look inside your soul and gain energy. Some might get opportunities in life, but they are neglecting them as they are not ready to start something new this week.  Maybe these opportunities are not exciting as you dream for. This week is the best week to relax and meditate spiritually. Thank you, Hope you resonate with these guidances and plan your week.

Thank you, Hope you resonate with this guidance and plan your week.