Article 370 and 35A Will Be Removed – Tuhin Sinha Predicted a Year Ago

Predictions seldom come true, Tuhin A. Sinha predicted the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A in his last book When The Chief Fell in Love, released in 2018. Now his prediction has come true, Storizen interviews Tuhin briefly about the recent developments.

In your book When The Chief Fell in Love, you had predicted the abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35 A and the reorganization of Jammu & Kashmir by 2030. It has actually happened now. Do you really think it’s the end of all problems? Some actually believe it will create new problems.

Ans- Well, let me put it this way. It certainly ain’t the end of all problems. But it is an important milestone in the process of resolving the dispute. It might still take a few years for things to be absolutely normal in the new set up. But the removal of Article 370 and Article 35A will deprive vested interests of their key blackmailing weapon. Conclusive resolution happens when people’s mindsets change. And that will happen when the voice of the silent, suffering majority comes to the forefront.  This silent majority is firm with India unlike what the Muftis and Abdullahs of the world would like to have you believe. 

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How will the reorganization of states of J&K as per your book add to the Peace of Nation?

It will add not just to peace but the prosperity as well. Just last week the promising Ladakh MP, Tsering Namgyal explained how Ladakh had received step-motherly treatment from leaders in Srinagar who never bothered for the development of the region. The reorganization will ensure that both Jammu and Ladakh get their long-pending dues. 

Since you blend politics and relationships so well in books, don’t you think Love amidst Politics is the biggest Paradox?

Haha… Well, no… Love makes everybody more humane and compassionate. Compassionate politicians work towards breaking the status quo and solving problems, rather than keeping them alive. 

Poetries do Enhance the Essence of the story at times..And your book is embedded with poems throughout the narrative. .What was the thought behind it?

Well, the protagonist of my book, Zaira is a poet. And often she conveys her emotions in rhythmic verses. I have utilized these poems, composed by a friend, Bhavna Berry,  in different situations to make the narrative more poignant and ethereal. My favorite poem comes towards the end. It carries the wish for a perfectly happy, peaceful and utopian Kashmir, 

This is the paradise I belong to

The woods are my home and the trees, my family

Mountains my goals, rivers my path

Snow my cushions and wind my friends

The is the paradise I belong to

And it is in the moment right now, with me in your arms

that our heartbeats become one, singing the same song

Our souls meet and follow the same path.

The is the paradise I belong to

Where illusions fade away and dream become reality.

After eluding each other for years,

this is our moment of permanence

Of belongingness which even time can’t snatch

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The Interview first appeared in Storizen Magazine August 2019 Issue

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