Exclusive Conversation with the Bigg Boss & Roadies Winner, Ashutosh Kaushik


Ashutosh Kaushik shot to fame when he won the MTV Hero Honda Roadies 5.0 in 2007 and the second season of Bigg Boss in 2008. The contestant garnered a solid fan base because of his cool persona and attitude. Ashutosh is a self-made person who has also acted in numerous Bollywood films and web series. He is a multi-talented, valiant, ambitious, enthusiastic, charismatic, quick-witted, generous, genuine, and down-to-earth person. He is a versatile individual who is a law graduate, actor, model, YouTuber, and script-writer, who also manages two chains of eateries in his hometown, Saharanpur.

The excerpt from this iconic interview is given below:

1. What motivated you to participate in MTV Roadies? How did you get on the show?

I was successfully running a dhabha in my hometown, Saharanpur, and was quite occupied with my work schedule. My friends recommended and motivated me to participate in a youth-based popular reality show, MTV Roadies. So, I went to Chandigarh for my first audition wherein I felt elated to see a big line of young, energetic, competitive and decorous people. I was not selected in Chandigarh’s audition so I moved back to Saharanpur. Deep down in my heart, I somewhat missed the Roadies’ aura, so I went to Delhi for another audition. I missed my chance in Delhi as well. Then I opted for Jaipur for my next audition and I was the sole candidate to be selected from there. My parents have indeed been my motivation factor. I owe my success to my mother who guided and encouraged me to keep looking forward.

Ashutosh Kaushik

2. How was your experience on MTV Roadies? What did you like most about the show?

I am the sort of person who believes that success lies in difficulties. Despite missing two chances in Roadies’ auditions, I adamantly believed in myself, and by the virtue of which I got selected for the third audition. I relished the Group Discussion and Interview process of the selection round. The journey was full of travel, adventure, tasks, exploration, and supportive friends.

3. Do you think after the show, you have changed?

I won’t deny that the fact that winning the Roadies opened a gateway of opportunities for me, but I tried to be as grounded as possible. After winning the Roadies 5 Season, I moved back to my hometown and a year later I was called up to participate in Bigg Boss. I always endeavor to strike a balance in the past, present, and future by neither taking failure in my heart nor success to my head.

4. How would you describe your journey in Bigg Boss, the widely watched show?

Bigg Boss was yet another momentous journey of mine that directly connected me to the audience. From the first day in the production house of Bigg Boss to all the joyous moments I shared with my fellow contestants to getting the support and love of the audience, I cherished everything.

5. In Bigg Boss, you won over established celebrities, what do you think the audience liked most about you?

The audience equivalently liked me, Raja, Rahul and other celebrities. I infer that audiences admire authenticity, jollification and reasonableness apart from entertainment.

Ashutosh Kaushik

6. You further went up for acting, what influenced you to pursue a career in acting?

My friends who were trying to get into acting were giving their best, but couldn’t get their upper hand into acting. So, I was observing and learning from them. I even took acting skills training and realized that I can innately face the camera. Apart from acting in Bollywood films, I have acted in Tiwari Web Series and shot for Vox Pop Interviews for APN News. In the midst of lockdown, I even started with my YouTube channel.

7. If you would like to be a part of any reality show/movie/web series, which would it be?

I have always admired Lock Upp (Reality Show) and The Kapil Sharma Show so I would love to be a part of it. I would also like to do anchoring as I rejoiced in my association with APN NEWS. With regard to movies and web series, I can adapt myself to any role and deliver my talent seamlessly.

8. What advice would you like to impart to people going into reality shows/movies?

For movies, one needs to be well prepared and get engrossed in proper planning. You must have a vision, observation skills, and the capacity to learn from your mistakes and other people’s failures. For reality shows, just be original and realistic.

9. What message would you like to convey to our Readers’ Club?

I would like to share an abstract that has been written by me:

“जिन्दगी एक शेर की सवारी है, और अगर नजर हटी तो वही शेर तुमपर भारी है”