Hot off the Press – Reham Khan

An inspirational tale from a woman who fought for respect and for her identity on her own terms, a survivor, and a winner


In clear, crisp prose, Reham Khan tells her story with wit, intelligence and candor. This is a memoir that will engage and surprise readers of all ages and of both genders.

Reham Khan’s eventful life took her from Gaddafi’s Libya to Zia’s Pakistan and thence to England as a teenage bride before she returned to Pakistan in her forties.

Her life has been one of the extraordinary contrasts: she has been through a violent marriage and domestic abuse, and has had to negotiate the murky world of Pakistan politics; but her story also includes the rebuilding of her life after she chose to end her first marriage, raising three children single-handedly and at the same time, building herself a successful career both in the UK and in Pakistan.

Reham Khan’s story is ultimately one of resilience, strength, courage, and conviction. It is the story of a woman who believed in herself and stood up to the world despite the fact that the odds were stacked against her – and ultimately emerged victorious.

Reham Khan was married to the celebrity cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan for a year in 2015. Her much-discussed story weaves through the murky world of Pakistani politics and high life. This edition now makes her incredible story available to readers in India.




Born in the 1970s to an educated, affluent family of Pakistani origin in Libya, Reham Khan has led an eventful, dramatic life. While she was still an adolescent, her family decided to move back to Pakistan. At the age of nineteen, she married and relocated to the UK. There, after walking out of an abusive marriage with three children, she started her career in journalism

in 2006, going on to join the BBC in 2008. In 2013, Reham Khan returned to Pakistan and continued her journalistic and activist careers. By 2015, The Reham Khan Show had made its debut on Dawn News. She is also the producer of the Pakistani film, Janaan. Reham Khan currently lives between Pakistan and the UK, fulfilling her role as a mother to her children while balancing one of the biggest, most prolific careers in British and Pakistani media.

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