Ravi Gupta

Ravi Gupta is a Business Magnate who is the Managing Director of Swadesh Green Infra Limited and Director of Instinct Infra & Power Limited is very well known for his humanitarian work. The maestro is the Co-Chairman of the Metals & Mineral Committee, P.H.D. Chamber of Commerce & Industry; an alumnus of Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) and national benefactor.

As a businessman, Ravi Gupta did have his own part of the struggle in the initial years, but he did overcome the same by putting forward his intense efforts that now he has his business lined up in a new domain, i.e., power trading. The entrepreneur has walked the extra mile to touch the lives of people. He is a gem who does charitable work and stands up for social causes.

He has even contested the election against Arun Jaitley without any political support whereas his contender had a strong political backup. He is the pillar of strength of our nation as he has helped the needy students in attaining good education; provided housing facilities, basic livelihood requirements, and health benefits to the indigent; and most importantly generated employment in the nation even when he did not require the workforce.

The doyen is a perfect exemplar of what a leader should be like- visionary, brilliant, wise, courageous, humble, and compassionate. I am elated to share the excerpts from one of my favorite interviews with the readers’ coterie:

1. What encouraged you to become an entrepreneur? Who has served as an inspiration for you to enter the business?

I have been brought up in a business family so I was naturally inclined toward running a business. What fascinated me about business was tapping up the creativity and adroitness to bring about a constructive change in my business line. I admiringly regard my father as a true inspiration for me as he was a legendary businessman.

2. Your businesses are lined up in steel manufacturing and power trading- is there any more area you would like to explore?

I would be delighted to explore the reserves for coking coal and minerals. There lies a paucity in their availability and logistics challenges in the mart. Herein, I would like to collaborate with Kazakhstan marts which have untapped potential for the same.

3. According to you, what are the key qualities of a business person?

Ravi Gupta

A business person must possess leadership skills, strong determination, sincerity, discipline, perseverance, decisiveness, social skills, integrity, empathy, respectfulness, compassion, a good attitude, and willingness to improvise. One must be adaptable to the changes, knowledgeable, up to date, and keep on learning new things.

The work ethic and personality of a business person must outshine per se.

4. You are well known for your generosity and altruistic nature which definitely makes you stand out what drives you to contribute to societal welfare?

If I see anyone in need of help, I would put an effort to help that person- that’s my natural instinct. It does bring inner joy and contentment to me when I see myself or any other person indulged in the simple act of kindness. We must all endeavor to help others and make the world a better place to live in.

5. What has been your milestone achievement?

To serve as the Co-Chairman of Minerals & Metals Committee, Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce & Industry- as I got the opportunity to work on the developmental issues.

Technological advancement has indeed brought a renaissance in the business industry. Also, globalization has opened doors for international trade, services, innovations, and talents which eventually bestowed access to new markets.

– Ravi Gupta

6. What improvements do you think are required in the business industry?

Upgrading and rolling out the latest technologies in day-to-day business activities can play a pivotal role in business development. Also, infusing a culture of skill development(periodically)in the staff members can bring about affirmative improvements both on a personal and professional front.

7. The one change you would like to bring about in the nation and why?

I would like to revamp the education system of our nation. Indeed, our educational system does build up a strong base for our children, but still, many students prefer going abroad for attaining qualitative education which eventually leads to brain drain. Making qualitative education easily accessible to everyone in the home country and that too at a reasonable cost is something that needs some groundwork.

Ravi Gupta

8. How has the business sector revolutionized since the time when you started?

Technological advancement has indeed brought a renaissance in the business industry. Also, globalization has opened doors for international trade, services, innovations, and talents which eventually bestowed access to new markets. It has boosted not only the business sector but has also promoted the economic development of our nation.

I would be delighted to explore the reserves for coking coal and minerals.

– Ravi Gupta

9. What recommendations would you like to give to the new entrepreneurs or someone who is planning to start up a business?

Firstly, I would recommend that new or budding entrepreneurs ardently conduct their market research. Herein, you will be required to skillfully formulate your business plan, prudently choose your business structure, study your competitors and customers, get professional help, actively train your employees, assess the legal aspect of your industry, and invest wisely, embrace technology and seize the opportunity.

Ravi Gupta

Secondly, always have the right mindset and revamp your business idea from time to time to meet the market and societal demands.

Thirdly, always be keen to learn from mistakes, get organized, write your daily goals and keep detailed records. Fourthly, always value your employees and clients. And lastly, do provide great services to the society.

10. What message would you like to impart to our readers’ club?

“It only gets better when you get better” so invest in yourself and strive to be a better person. Never ever doubt yourself. Keep on exploring new opportunities. Enlighten yourself and work smartly towards your goals. Spread good vibes, peace, and happiness.

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