Oprah Winfrey and Arthur C. Brooks Collaborate on Transformative Book ‘Build the Life You Want’

Renowned television host, producer, and writer Oprah Winfrey recently announced a captivating collaboration with author and educator Arthur C. Brooks to create a groundbreaking book. Titled ‘Build the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier,’ this eagerly anticipated work is scheduled for release on September 12, 2023.

Oprah Winfrey expressed her enthusiasm for Arthur C. Brooks’ column in The Atlantic, which she began reading during the early days of the pandemic. Each week, she eagerly anticipated the valuable lessons shared within the columns, which ultimately served as a blueprint for personal growth. Intrigued by Brooks’ expertise in teaching happiness at Harvard, Winfrey was inspired to bring these invaluable insights to a broader audience.

Oprah Winfrey and Arthur C brooks
Photo Credit – Instagram/Oprah

This serendipitous connection led to a fast friendship and a collaborative effort resulting in their forthcoming book. ‘Build The Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier’ aims to empower readers with actionable strategies to enhance their lives in the present, rather than relying on external circumstances to dictate their happiness. In a social media post, Oprah enthusiastically shared, “This book will guide you in improving your life now, instead of waiting for the world around you to change.”

Arthur C. Brooks, in turn, expressed his deep admiration for Oprah Winfrey and her impactful contributions over the years. Discussing their joint venture, he remarked, “As a social scientist, I delve into the data and evidence concerning what truly leads to lasting happiness. Oprah, on the other hand, possesses an unparalleled ability to connect with individuals during crucial moments in their lives.” In their collaborative endeavor, the book aims to introduce readers to the remarkable science of happiness, grounded in the most reliable and comprehensive research available.

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Oprah Winfrey has previously authored compelling books such as ‘What I Know for Sure’ and ‘Food, Health, and Happiness,’ among others, solidifying her reputation as an influential and insightful writer.

Featured Image – Facebook/Oprah Winfrey